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[SUGGESTIONS] Priest Dash Skill

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Hey Maplers,

The Priest Dash skill has been tuned best to move toward other players for better healing support in parties but we are hearing that with Chaos Raids and control requirement, this feature is making it harder for Priests to avoid damage during high-difficulty situations.

We’d like to open this topic up for discussion in this thread.
Please leave your feedback and suggestions below~
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  • SecrotsSecrots
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    I can't speak for specifically Priest mains, but as an alt, it was absolutely annoying to dash for movement...only to barely move because someone was in the way. Maybe it would be better to just have the Priest dash in a general direction and have it heal everyone near the "end" of it? Not having free movement feels very clunky.
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  • DalsetDalset
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    I think the best solution would be to make it go a set distance without stopping or aiming at allies and just have it heal/buff whoever you pass through.
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  • JaxiJaxi
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    Dalset wrote: »
    I think the best solution would be to make it go a set distance without stopping or aiming at allies and just have it heal/buff whoever you pass through.

    I agree with this or allow the heal to come off as an AoE at the end point of the priest' dash. This way it allows for skilled healing.
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  • PicklepeePicklepee
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    Just remove the ally part from it and make it a regular 4.5m dash PLEASE. Even if u have to remove the tiny heal and buff nobody cares about that.
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  • BigInJapanBigInJapan
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    The priest dodge shouldn't lock on to players that are within the first half of the dash's lengths. Additionally for classes with dashes that do not deal damage (like rune blader) their dash should not lock on to enemies. I would even go as far as to say that everyone would be happier if there were no lock-ons, focused on enemies or teammates, for the dash abilities.

    The dash lock-ons seem to take freedom of movement away, and will likely take you away from the direction you wanted to go, or put you in a dangerous position.
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  • rebeloserrebeloser
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    No lock ons at all please. I dislike everything about locking onto people, especially when I'm just trying to get by a town by dashing and I just dash into someone 1cm next to me.
    Doesn't help me in dungeons or raids. In fact, it's killed me more than it's saved my teammates.
    It's a bit ironic how a dash that's supposed to save others just gets the user killed.

    Please, remove lock ons and do what Dalset said about the dash healing people as we dash through them. Even removing the heal entirely just to have a normal dash is fine with me.
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  • LukAraujoLukAraujo
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    Dalset wrote: »
    I think the best solution would be to make it go a set distance without stopping or aiming at allies and just have it heal/buff whoever you pass through.

    This seems by far the best idea I've ever heard. Not the need for the buff tho. Make so it does heal a player but with a certain limit (like 3 or 5 players) and let me pass right through people, please. ty in advance.
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    The priest dash locking on to other players is far more annoying than it is beneficial.
  • AlziiAlzii
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    I've always just thought it'd be easier to allow full distance dash and heal everyone you dash through (up to maybe 3 people or so) for a small amount. The movement speed passing can be taken out or just give the dash a small regen to players it passes through.
  • VixroVixro
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    make it go away
  • ShaesShaes
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    BigInJapan wrote: »
    The priest dodge shouldn't lock on to players that are within the first half of the dash's lengths.
    I agree with this. There should at least be a minimum distance that you travel whenever you dash.
    Past that, if you were able to toggle auto-target (even for classes other than priest) it would make movement much easier. Even playing as Berserker, which has a short dash, can be annoying when you attempt to strafe a boss' attack and end up dashing into them.
  • MaygiMaygi
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    Maple Guide
    For general reasons, the dash does a lot more harm than good. Healing and providing the buff in an AOE around where you dodge would be more useful, although this is hardly the reason we use our dash in the first place. The ally-snapping functionality of the dash does have some very niche uses, though, so it would be nice for this functionality to remain somewhere, perhaps in another second dodge that also shares the same stamina usage.
  • BigInJapanBigInJapan
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    Shaes wrote: »
    if you were able to toggle auto-target (even for classes other than priest) it would make movement much easier.
    I like the idea of being able to toggle lockons on/off, IDEALLY we would be able to select which skills should follow lockons and which skills shouldn't. For example, as a knight I have no need to dash directly into the enemy but I would like the be able to lockon when using ranged attacks, like shield toss or divine strike.

  • SeasiderSeasider
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    I'm a Heavy Gunner main! After I maxed HG I maxed Assassin. After I maxed that I went for priest.
    Once I got my priest to the point I could be running Fire Dragon I noticed how differently their dash worked compared to HG and Assassin. It caused me to die a lot, as I'd be magnetised towards players standing in the way of boss attacks. It was super frustrating for me as I was experienced running these dungeons already and knowing when and where to dodge, but now dying because of the magnet dash. It also prevents me from being more open to playing with newer players on my priest, as with less experience they're more likely to stand in a splash zone and I cant dodge past them, unless I'm facing a totally different direction.
    I'd be 101% for making their dodge work like every other classes. If I want to go towards someone to heal them, I can manually dodge in their direction.
  • MoochedMooched
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    Dalset wrote: »
    I think the best solution would be to make it go a set distance without stopping or aiming at allies and just have it heal/buff whoever you pass through.

    This. Also... maybe the dash shouldn't cost so much stamina? Maybe just 2 bars of stamina instead of 3? Maybe that's too big of a reach.
  • DranmarthDranmarth
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    It's already been said, but I'll just echo it. Set the priest dash to go a set distance, and then it can either heal everyone you pass through or do a small aoe heal at the end of the dash
  • RadiantRayRadiantRay
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    The dash makes doing the Chaos raids such a pain with 9 other players running around these bosses, especially in Moonlight Fortress. This boss does so much damage and nearly 100% of the time when I try to move away to avoid an attack using the dash I die because I don't go anywhere. I don't want to move in heal people or deal any damage with Holy Blast due to the really really high risk of dying because there's a really good chance my dash skill will just do nothing and consume all my stamina.

    Nice to see there's an official discussion about this topic as I was just contemplating quitting the game just now because of this one skill. I'll wait now and see what happens. If my computer wasn't a toaster I would love to post a video of my experiences with this skill, it really is that bad
  • ShaxyShaxy
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    A few of the ideas I had for more usable yet priest themed dashes are:
    (all of these without moving towards other players this needs to be removed, as do other class ones like moving towards enemies)
    Solid full distance dash and anyone who is dashed through receives the movement speed buff and heal, or just the heal and remove the movespeed buff to other players, As it stands the heal amount from the priest dash is on the edge of useless already so making it effect multiple players might make it useful for the way priest functions, One of the major problems I have with the dash as it feels it chooses who to dash to at random, so if someone is low health to my left and fine to my right but both are within each others dash cone I can someones end up going towards the other,

    Like mentioned earlier a full distance dash with an AOE burst heal similar to that of Knights bubble dash. same points as the first recommendation

    also something I'd like to point out for all non teleport dashes overall is the way the hitbox works, I've lost count at the number of times I've seen someone dash to avoid a stun or death mechanic and still be hit by it even though they are far away from the AoE. Can we possibly get details on exactly where the hitboxes are during many of the class dashes from start to end?

    Anyway these are just suggestions but my MAIN point is no more player lock on, that is REALLY bad and has gotten me killed countless times because my party members just refuse to move 1 more block away from the AoE and it puts me infront of them
  • FakeKoreanFakeKorean
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    I think the MS2 team coded the priest dash with good intentions but I feel that restricting movement "to be provide more heals" with a lackluster heal does more harm than good. There are much better healing options if we can just get into range of the player in need of heals without restriction of movement. I think these problems arise because, 1, most of our dps comes from melee to mid range and being "blocked" by melee party members is a common occurrence and, 2, if priests were able to dps competitively from a greater distance(scourging wave), this would alleviate some of the issues with the dash movement but not entirely. The second part would require buffing SW but that's getting into an entirely different issue. To continue my point, if the priest dash is "unlocked" anyone that is far away and needs heals can be dashed to without having to worry about colliding with anyone. Anyone at a closer distance can be walked to.

    There also seems to be an issue with terrain and the dash, but I'm not sure if that's just with the priest dash or if it's a universal problem or if it's just a funky interaction with the terrain.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Thank you GMS2 devs for working so closely with the community. You're doing a great job and I have been very pleased with the game.

    P.P.S. I think your team might have to do something about the enchanting. Just a heads up if this reply gets any attention.
  • VeloxCaedisVeloxCaedis
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    I believe the best change to make would be to set a minimum distance equal to the untargeted dash. If the dash can't find a valid target that is further than 4.5m away, it will perform an untargeted dash.

    This means that you have full control in situations where allies are grouped up tightly without negatively impacting the existing uses of the dash.

    I originally intended to main priest and created one as my Royale character, but promptly abandoned it shortly after the head start began because of how bad the current dash can be.

    Guilds I believe should let you have multiple characters in the same guild but only take up one slot. This means a 50 slot guild could have 200 characters in it but only 50 humans.