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Tips/Guide for (weapon) enchanting?

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I've been stuck trying to get my weapon to +13 and have accumulated about ~37-ish enchantment charges. Is there any way i can optimize my weapon enchanting to reach +13 (& over) faster and more efficiently?


  • AcheronsAcherons
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    edited 1:56PM November 11, 2018
    I personally advise stacking weapons to increase your chances eg. 6/3 weapons at +12 brings the base % from 15% to 30%. Now, many may argue that this is a bad method since you want to fail as many times as possible to gain enchantment charges but in your case if you're talking most efficiently just getting to +13, then stacking weapons to increase chance is the way to go.

    On a side note, I failed +11 8 times with 20% chance, but got +12 to +13 on second try with 2 extra stack weapons increasing to 25%.

    Hope this info helps!
  • MynameisAlfieriMynameisAlfieri
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    Save your charges. I know it sucks to be stuck for a long time. But once you hit 14, you can have 100% chance to 15. If you hit 100 early, use some.