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Missing Master titles?

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I hit master on a ranching / farming today and as you can see above both have a (1) next to it, something that happens when there is a title to claim, but as you can see on the side there is no title to claim.

When I click the trophy there is nothing to claim.

So just wondering if that (1) is a bug or the missing title is the bug.


  • KhongiKhongi
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    edited 6:25PM November 10, 2018
    just updating that master cook / alchemist/ handicrafts / smithing all have the same as above, you get the trophy but all have a (1) next to it like it's meant to reward a title but it doesn't.

    Shouldn't there be master titles?
  • MidnightNyaMidnightNya
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    edited 4:10AM November 17, 2018
    The (1) is understandably confusing in its current state, it's part of the trophy name and ya don't earn a title from these trophies -

    There appears to be more gathering levels after 13 (see berg/alkimi Island for example), so there's probably trophys in the future that would be (using ranching for example) "master ranching (2)" "master ranching (3)" etc.

    Could use a better name for sure.