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read the title.

the priest dash is great. if you love being disappointed because you expected to move, but you instead stood in the exact same spot because your mate was next to you in the direction you wanted to move in them immediately get tomestoned because you stood in the pretty yellow light.

(also side note tho , the cdev aoe and the priest heal cross thing are the same color and look very similar. maybe change the aoe's color, like orange or red or something but i dont really care too too much about that)
  1. should priest dashed be changed so it doesnt kill you?14 votes
    1. Absolutely
       86% (12 votes)
    2. Definitely
       14% (2 votes)


  • Akuma_no_TsubasaAkuma_no_Tsubasa
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    At first: Please don't abuse poll functions. Polls with options like "Yes" "Yes" are just... useless and waste of database.
    As for your topic: You might wanna just add into the biggest thread to this topic

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    You should have your entire party stack at melee range of the boss with no rune behind as it is needed to buff with Priest and Knight and to receive healing. Not only that you can grab the boss to easily avoid yellow tiles and at melee range you aren't going to be hit by the rune punch, which should never hit anyone anyway, you are also prepared to run around laser at that spot. Another tip is to have everyone remove name plates but the Priest and Knight. Not that it shouldn't be changed though.
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    i looked here first regarding changes to priest's dash.

    im aware of that one. however that section is more focused on discussion of the job as opposed to actually making game changes. so i figured id put one here aswell.

    secondly chill out dude lol. dont take my poll so seriously. because idk. its not???
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    I already made a thread that gathers all threads regarding priest dash here: