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Have ANY Dungeon Drop Enchanting Resources

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edited 5:39AM November 10, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
tl;dr After getting your weapon and epic items from the hard dungeon of your choice, enchanting them should be something that you can do through ANY dungeon.

So here's the thing, many players are angsty right now and we don't really know why. Many posts in Reddit and on the Official Forums have tried to decipher this feeling, and the majority came to the conclusion that Chaos Raids made us aware of how many more times we will need to run the same two hard dungeons we are stuck with. The main problem is that the current system forces you to run two specific hard dungeons over and over again to enchant your weapon. This becomes really boring. I rather have 2x drops for 30 runs than 1x drops for 60 runs... We all are. It actually gives us less, since we don't get the dungeon boxes for the 40-60 runs, but it takes us HALF the time. And when a run can take 10 min in average, that's a lot of time.

This is a minor hiccup with a very simple solution: have ANY epic weapon a good sacrifice to enchant you epic weapons. Ergo: I can play all 6 hard dungeons to keep enchanting my main weapon. My Murpa enchant attempts will be fed with ANY epic weapon combination for my class; Murpa, MSL or whatever the 3rd is (I'm stuck with FD/Lab, I dunno what you call things in your other dungeons).

And you know what? We might not need to, but why not take this a step forward? We have like 40 dungeons nobody cares about. What if, instead of epic weapons, you would need an item ("Epic Weapon Piece") that drops from ANY dungeon run? That way, after doing hard dungeons 10-20 times to get your full purple set, you would be able to grind ANY dungeons from the huge dungeons library we have, and get items for enchantment attempts. Make all dungeons drop untradeable onyx and weapons to sacrifice!

I want to have fun and variety while grinding, and I want progress just by doing dungeons, not necessarily the only two that I'm stuck with. I won't have a chance to get better equipment or accessories from normal dungeons, nor good money or EXP, but at least let me have all the enchantment resources needed - to attempt to enchant the items that I've already got - for the freaking 20th time. I don't care about grind, just let me grind more dungeons, not only two. Heck, force me to grind 10 DIFFERENT dungeons every day to keep getting items. Just not the same two.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have 50 more FD runs waiting for me.


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    I completely agree, I think this would be a very positive change to the game. Not being able to farm other accessories while spamming the same dungeon over and over because it drops the weapon I picked to upgrade is very annoying, I haven't done Balrog in weeks and I've only done Rune Temple once.. if we're going to have to grind anyways at least let us do it more efficiently by trying for rare drops and accessory fragments in other dungeons instead of doing FD for weeks.