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I'm very unsure of the hunter effects/....

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So I'm not sure if nexon made it clear enough but does murpogath's 9% dmg get quadrupled in every dungeon or does each dungeon give out its unique quadrupled buffs (attack speed, dmg, etc etc) onto the player and which weapon you have does not matter?

Will the ancient rune weapon get dmg% x4 buff aswell in dungeon or just it's buff in description which is attack speed% x4?

is murpogath the best weapon choice/buff for knight/assassin/berserker?
I have these in level 60

Cheers guys!
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    The Hunter buffs are only quadrupled inside the new Chaos Raids called: Shadow Altar, Moonlight Fortress, and Clocktower (Clocktower -> 30th November release). Outside of those 3 chaotic raids your Hunter buff (Murpagoth) is only the normal 9%.

    Also, all Hunter buffs are tied specifically to the weapon of choice.
    Murpagoth = Shadow Hunter
    Ancient = Pirate Hunter
    MSL = Machine Hunter

    But, they all have their related buff quadrupled regardless which new raid you enter. You merely need the weapon that corresponds to the buff you want to use.