Check out the patch notes for the v17 Precursor Update here:

"State of the Game Week 4" by Jungsoo Lee


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    You guys can even check this topic right here, this will hurt others servers...
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    Fairfight Update: We are reducing the impact to players above Lv. 50, resulting in most players seeing a 10%+ increase in damage, and the classes with a high dependency on buffs and passives will see even greater damage increases

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    AskaLangly wrote: »
    Suggestion: Based on 3500 GEAR SCORE, than level.
    i was gonna say 2100, but its so easy to get 2100 now...
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    WAtheAnum wrote: »
    "We provide shoppers with a better experience, focusing on high quality and more creative designs
    We protect the shop from content which explicitly violates the Terms of Service - especially sexually suggestive/obscene, copyright and trademark designs"

    and suddendly 80% of the design shop in EU goes missing.

    Im srs, i cant wait now till 8 nov and the "boom" in the design market. I just hope it will teach people a important lesion for their lifes.


    I bet I will still see tons of Akatsuki designs no matter what...
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    im strongly of the notion that if fairfight is going to stay, buffs and debuffs based on skills should NOT be affected whatsoever.

    I can live with damage itself being scaled, but not the passive buffs. Its screwing with class balance way too much.
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    rip me, that 490 fee is scary, especially the fact it's the same price as a month of premium.

    I can't afford to put more money than I've already had into the game, and the 490 fee could easily eat into the rare profits I get on my UGC works. I like to believe I do my best, being an artist and all, but I can't imagine making enough sales, even with these changes, to not have a loss most of the time.

    I would greatly appreciate a heel-turn and for y'all to consider testing with 200 merets instead. Keep the penalties and all. It might still end up being good enough to clean up the UGC market and all?
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    Xnknown wrote: »
    Thank you for the UGC changes. real designers can afford to pay 490 merets for an item that is high quality created and that will sell 10+ times.
    Can't complain about this, this will 100% clear up the effortless memes ugc and keep in the better designs. Thnx.

    I probably spend anywhere from 3-5 hours per UGC I put on the shop and get about 3-5 sales per item on average because I don't sell items that are like "converse knockoffs" that everyone can relate to. I sell things related to my fandoms and interest, which not everyone is interested in, which means I don't get as many sales.

    Also with art and clothing, it really depends on taste right? If not many people have the same taste as you, you may have created a masterpiece, but nobody will buy it because it doesn't fit the tastes of the mainstream audience. I also think that this discourages people who want to get into UGC making, but don't have the skills to make a profit yet. Practice means improvement, so if people who want to practice are discouraged from doing so, they won't improve.

    While I do agree with others that it should be scaled based on the cost of the item, I don't think that will solve the problem. People who want to make these offensive items will just make their designs on the cheaper items if we scale the cost based on the item.

    Here is an idea - why don't we incentivize people to report UGC that is offensive/copying other designs/etc. I think one of the core issues is that there are so many UGC that its hard for the moderators to keep up with it. If we incentivize the community to help with the moderation/reporting process, it will help the Nexon moderators catch the "troublesome" UGC much easier and quicker. Lets say we provide the people who reported an item that gets removed merets or meso (of course not a completely insignificant amount, or else people won't do it). I think this could go a long way in supporting the Nexon team in removing "troublesome" UGC.

    I also think part of the problem is that we get free blank t-shirt templates as part of the story. I would assume those are the main offenders in our issue (I haven't done any research, just an assumption). So I think that making it so that you either can't list those on the market or charging the listing fee for these free shirts could help alleviate some of the issues without discouraging legit creators from creating UGC.
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    yikes 490 merets listing fee for sandals
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    So the biggest problem with the update highlights you've just listed will be the throat punch to all the creators who DIDN'T abuse your current system.

    Here's to the MMO finally starting to cater almost EXCLUSIVELY to people who already have an abundance of money, and therefore making it near impossible to earn merets. I cannot spend my real money on merets, I need to eat. I need to pay for my internet so I can turn the game ON. 10$ isn't a drop in a bucket for me, not to post a pair of virtual jeans or a weapon skin. So now the only thing the UGC will be worth will be clothing yourself, designing for friends, or charging ridiculous amounts for commissions just to make your money back. This is a poor adjustment.

    So now the biggest thing I was excited for in this whole game, the thing that tempted me to put money away for like EVER to get a legendary pack, the thing that's most interested me since this game's NA release was just a rumor, will be cut off to me. I have no infractions in-game, I have violated none of your rules and have behaved without incident. None of my posted or personal UGC was inappropriate. Why can't you just either ban or brand accounts with improper UGC content from putting more UGC up either for a period of time or for good? Why does EVERYONE have to get swatted for some peoples' moronic behavior?

    Putting an item up for 3 months won't matter because you can't re-promote it without paying to relist it. It will fall to the back of the pack and be forgotten so what you've decided to do will essentially accomplish nothing. 'Wonderful creations buried'; Yes, now for 90 days rather than just 30. You realize that's between 6-10$ for every item, correct? How might that be worth it for the people with real priorities who need to spend their money on living expenses? You promised us a system where we could work hard and still be able to get some merets for it while still giving a cut back to the game, you promised a method of content creation where everyone would be able to access and enjoy creative freedom. So instead of cracking down on theft/fraud you've pentupled the listing fee. I promise that people will still put up inappropriate Hentai posters. There are people who can afford it. Me, I can't even afford to throw an outfit up on a system like that. Looks like that's done, nice. Wish I'd have known that about a month ago.

    You may as well start putting Onyx in the cash shop in little stacks because the pay-to-win trolls are going to do backflips for this update.
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    I am going to quote myself from another thread:

    this is a graph taken from this thread:

    of sales per server. I am on EU. I am yet to break even.
    Hosu wrote: »
    Next, if your content is top quality, and I mean real quality, then you don't need to worry at all, because people will appreciate it and you will make sales. If you want to complain about the higher listing fee, doesn't that mean at some deeper level you don't have confidence in your work?

    here are my creations:

    this in particular:

    has sold 0 copies. An American gave me 25$ up front to have the rights to the template, because he fell in love with it.
    These two, received a lot of praise online:

    0 sales EU.

    this is my top selling item:

    2 sales in its lifetime.

    Heck yeah, I have no confidence in my work and for good reason. The market has shown that there's no reason for me to have confidence in my work. I'm a novice and I recently lost my job. This was something that I really really REALLY wanted to get into and one of the main reasons I played Maplestory 2. I don't have 7$ to spend on gloves now though. I had 10$ to spend a month on UGC. I'm better off going back to Sims and trying to learn custom item making there.

    Someone thought that my work was good enough to give me 25$ in private. When on UGC market it never got sales. Meaning, there's literally no reason for me to ever list anything that I made on UGC ever again. And it's not because I have no confidence in my work, as it appears, I can sell it in private, it's because nobody will buy and I have proof of that.

    And yes, UGC was main reason I played and now I feel like not playing honestly, as I can try being creative in single player games in shape of mods instead. At least there it won't cost me real money.
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    Are you sure your #1 main objective is not to make more profit for you? What a lazy way to solve the problem, and I don't think it will solve anything at all. I'm playing on server with low sales, you can see the graph from previous post. I have seen high quality UGC with still 0 sales after weeks, while low quality meme and stolen design getting a lot of sales. Yeah, maybe my taste on high quality design is just different from most people on my server, but that doesn't change the fact that stolen design got a lot of sales.

    I'm a casual and beginner designer, while sometimes I get profit more than 490 merets, I often got 0 sales too. I used a lot of merets to make UGC, because the very rare voucher from daily quest isn't enough for practice and learn what sells and what not. I do want to make and sell good quality UGC, but not gamble.
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    Please consider lowering the UGC listing fee and tackling theft in a manner that doesn't punish creators. As a UGC creator, I'm heavily discouraged from making more in the future if I need to put a $7-10 investment into just posting my designs for others to use.
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    NXACuddles wrote: »
    [*]Listing Registration Fee will increase to a flat 490 Merets for all Design Shop listings (...)

    Srsly? 490 instead of 10? You think this is the way to protect original designers?
    Its more like cashgrab, not any kind of help to original designers.

    First of all - you should clean up your sandbox, because atm i think that you cannot handle all those bad things:
    - Bots, ton of bots!
    - Goldsellers, goldsellers everywhere, whispering, sending ingame emails, ad balloons, etc...
    - Stolen arts in Design Shop, tons of stolen arts. Ive personally reported dozens times many of stolen projects, but it looks like you don't care.

    And optimization is not your strong point. Come on NEXON, after all these years you should be able to optimize games much, much, much better.

    So, NEXON, when you handle with all those problem above, we can start talking about listing registration fee and all other goods for you.
    BUT FIRST - you NEED TO handle this mess, and care about goods for us - Customers.

    Edit: PS. Sorry for any possible misspeling. English is not my native.
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    where's the point in listing fees AND sale fees anyway? isn't 1 of them enough cut for freakin nexon? that's overkill imo even with the current system. after the changes is will be more than horrible.
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    490 For any kind of listing is just ridiculous in my opinion.
    Do I really have to spend so much in order to be even able to share my design and hope for the best that someone
    might buy it?

    And also, the templates are already pretty costly, this is just not cool. The UGC part, which was the best part in this game
    imo is just gonna die out, because ain't nobody going to spend on that, maybe some rich kids will.

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    The solution regarding the 10053 issue is very much welcome.
  • AruteeruAruteeru
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    I refuse to list anything under these conditions.
    I am not very familiar with computer programs for drawing, I do traditional art more, but I try to make some outfits the best I can and to make them look good and try and sell some for merets. But this new listing fee is going to hinder me far too much, that it is hardly worth it if at all. I get some sales, but not enough to make up for these new listing fees.

    I am sure some people who post multiple skin color options is going to disappear now as well.

    As others have suggested, make the listing fee based off of what is being posted.
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    Xnknown wrote: »
    Thank you for the UGC changes. real designers can afford to pay 490 merets for an item that is high quality created and that will sell 10+ times.
    Can't complain about this, this will 100% clear up the effortless memes ugc and keep in the better designs. Thnx.

    That's a real laugh. I've seen some super impressive fandom stuff not sell more than like 3 times. It's a matter of taste, not everyone is into the same things. So essentially, this is a gamble and a waste of time and money; Just because you're paying extra to post it doesn't mean you're going to get extra money for it. You'll on average have to sell 4-5 suits, hoodies, and weap templates to get all your money back and call it a profit, and like 8-10 pairs of gloves to start profiting. 'Real' designers, real nice. This new system is going to blow. I should not have bought a founders pack.
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    Kodaiga pretty much sums up my thoughts on all this.
    I will most certainly be posting less to the design shop now.
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    Low effort items and even a few rips have easily made a profit under the current system we have. Unless those items are actually dealt with the way they should be, the 490 flat fee is going to hurt fledgling designers who're trying to get their foot in the door, while a great number of people who've gotten away with profiting off the market with zero effort can handle the 490 fee just fine. Even if those items are properly dealt with, though, those fledgling designers are still going to suffer from the ludicrous fee.

    Yes, knowing that the item will be listed for 90 days instead of 30 does help a little, but it doesn't remove the rather high barrier of entry, and the 5% profit increase doesn't make it better.

    Also, apparently the UGC Content User Rules and Legal Notice silently updated to say that design shop sellers can only make up to 100k merets a month. This isn't talked about anywhere in the blog post, and we don't even know what's going to happen once 100k merets is reached. This needs to at the very least be elaborated upon, cause adding this to the legal notice without even mentioning it in this blog post is shady, especially since Nexon's made it clear they want to be as transparent with us as possible.