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Mhm Ms 2 Worrysome Fps.

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so i had a look at a video here where they were fighting chaos magnus.

and this person has a 20-30 fps while in raid on magnus. unless this person obviously is using a potato laptop like many people are.

other then that if its not a potato laptop or desktop then its worrying.


  • PallyCookiePallyCookie
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    Well I've heard it's quite smooth for many people especially after the optimization patch...
    But maybe some bosses will have far more demanding requirements. I would assume they would make the game focused so that all content is equally optimized...

    Well I just checked out this user's other videos and I see the same semi-choppy gameplay with some inconsistent frame dropping and that in conjunction with hearing from others the frames being quite stable and smooth I'm going to assume it's just the user's hardware. Probably laptop player if anything.
  • KotoriMinamiKotoriMinami
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    Actually it can be increase by:
    1.Hiding others player
    2.Lowering the graphic quality

    I played on CMS2 too by using a potato laptop with Nvidia 920M, managed to get 50-60 fps in chaos magnus. At beginning I only get like 20-30fps in this raid, but it raised to 60fps after I stop the WSearch service at the background that consume lots of the resources(because it's Windows 8.1).
  • BellocanCitizenBellocanCitizen
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    i can run on high/max or low settings and it is still 30 fps, i set no cap.
  • LeilafiLeilafi
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    I have a crappy computer a 730 nvidia geforce and run 90+ FPS.
    If my crap is running better then their's, something is wrong with their computer.