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A bit weirded by some of the character design


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    then00b wrote: »

    My response was mostly a nonchalant way to say "who cares", especially when the girl is getting censored in GMS 2 anyways.

    And my ignorant statement was also for comedic purposes, even though we all know it's true.
    I say Asians are thirsty, but we're all just as bad really.

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    Oh geez, it never even occurred to me that Madria was potentially catering to a really inappropriate audience :x I saw her and like my brain automatically filled in that she was an adult who was just flat-chested and in maple's chibi style. I think maybe that's just because I'm also an adult who is flat-chested and feminine :x so I guess I was projecting a bit instead of seeing her as she was probably intended (which is likely not at all tasteful)..

    I think "censoring" her (giving her a more reasonable outfit) is a really good call.
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    Jakossi wrote: »
    @then00b quite horrifying tbh

    Reminds me of this one Polandball comic spinoff comic of this with Israel and uh.. er.. how should I phrase this.. um..
    Maybe it's best if anybody interested just googles it. ;p

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    Adelecia wrote: »
    If censored, then Im not buying anything. Most players want the original material.
    We’ve had enough censorship recently with “localized” games having plot changed and even cut and replaced with jokes in addition to only having females covered up because of some idioic western agenda.

    To be fair, sexualizing child-like/child characters is gross and should be censored. Other than that I can agree.
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    yea let s censure the game for everyone because a few triggered sjw don t like it
    like nexon did with hyper universe
    well if they gonna censure ms2 they gonna lose players and money but i guess is whort for the small amount of people who barely play games and don t like "sexy women" hqdefault.jpg
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    Jakossi wrote: »
    Please can we not begin a huge debate on a controversial subject. It's simply a art style and as long as the artists + character design intends them to be adults or at least 18+ then that's fine.

    One thing that you need to take into consideration is that the legal age is different in different countries. For example in South Korea (which is where this game was developed) the legal age of consent is 13+ which would explain why Koreans are not entirely weirded out with sexualised loli/Chibi characters.

    When you start diving too deep into a subject that's when huge legal issues start to ensue which is something i wouldn't want before a game has even been released.

    If you didn't know about the korea thing then... THE MORE YOU KNOW :D


    Sorry but what the heck are you talking about, its entirely the opposite, the age of conest in south korea is way older then most countries, which is 20. So I have no idea where you made up that 13years old thingy...
    As a matter of fact, they are they second highest in the world.
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    Mother of necro!
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    Can yall add a automatic lock to threads older than 2 months so necros on annoying subjects can stop? Thanks
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    no we must continue to fight , for our right!
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    A lot of women, believe it or not, like to dress sexy for no reason other then they just want to look and feel sexy.
    There are actually a lot of women, who draw and sculpt, that makes stuff far worse then this.

    But, in all truth, only person that makes it inappropriate is the viewer. Where you might think something is bad and or sexual, someone
    else might think it's cute and appreciate it.

    America looks at everything sexual or overly sexual all the time. "Oh she has her arms uncovered, she's a wh*re." "Oh she has on shorts, she's a wh*re
    oh it's hot outside and she's wearing a v-neck, must be a . Can't even be free anyone. But Bikini's are ok

    If you don't like the outfits, stop playing or just ignore them.
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    Saraneth wrote: »
    Mother of necro!

    I'm dying from laughter, god I'm loving it!
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