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build question

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in Thief
I have blade dance maxed as my main DPS (I dont know what im doing, but it does some pretty decent damage), so should I go and upgrade my poison, or go for something else?


  • LastTourniquetLastTourniquet
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    I am going to be honest I don't really understand the question here. There are 2 different skills that deal poison damage by default and a passive skill that deals extra poison damage. As far as what you should be doing.. that's mostly up to you and your play style but most people who use blade dance use it as a defensive skill not a dps skill. Poison Edge, Somersault Kick, Vicious Cuts and Poison Vial (in no particular order) are the main DPS skills to chose from for Thief.
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    In my opinion, its better if you don't use blade dance as a core of your build unless you're using it for mobbing lol. You lose a lot of dps if you use blade dance as your main dps.

    IF you really enjoy that skill and want to use it as your main skill though, you should probably grab retaliation and max poison vial/poison edge and also ruthless guile. This way, you would at least do some more damage along with your down damage as a DOT.

    EDIT: Also always remember to use your sk (somersault kick) as if you don't use that, you're missing out on a lot of free damage lol.
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    If you max blade dance then you are focusing in aoe damage (mostly for farming, leveling or dark descent), in which case you could also max things like poison vial, kick or mind breaker. Now, if you want a single target oriented build, it's better to max poison edge or vicious cuts as spirit spenders, and use blade dance at lvl 1 only for the iframe with the cunning effect.
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    Yeah, I would only use blade dance for dps in Tris haha.
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