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    college applications
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    Just life
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    Indifferent potato
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    screeching balloon
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    I first moved away from my home, family and friends in the city for my first graduate position when i joined a big civil construction firm building a highway in the middle of a remote area. I still remember the first night sleeping in the graduate house. I still hadn't bought any furniture and my room was bare. I was sleeping on a foam roll in a sleeping bag in the corner of the room.

    I remember lying there and thinking "What the are you doing here Tim? Are you stupid? You've left your family and friends to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by people you don't know and you're now curled up in a sleeping bag like some sort of post apocalyptic survivor". That first night was probably one of the lowest points in my life. The immense uncertainty of my situation gripped my heart so tightly and i'd never felt more like a coward. I thought i had made the wrong decision and went to sleep thinking i might quit the next day.

    Life slowly got better. I bought myself an iPad and connected myself to the house wi-fi (this was back in 2011 when i was still poor from being a student so it was a huge deal for me). I could immerse myself in youtube and forget that i was living like a homeless person. My work was becoming more challenging and i felt like i was achieving something. My room slowly got furniture, that first night after my trip to IKEA was one of the most satisfying moments in my whole life, i was sleeping in a real bed!

    Most of all, that first pay check, it was significantly above what the average graduate civil engineer was being paid and I was employed when many of my fellow graduates were struggling to find a job. It was then I remembered WHY i had taken a position far away from my family and friends. It wasn't just just the money, it was knowing that after everything and all the struggle i had made it.

    Looking back, i can see that the struggle i went though made me a more resilient person. The opportunity and experience i had made me a better engineer and the company was giving me an opportunity to travel to gain lots of experience. I've been on several projects since then all over the country and internationally and right now i'm back in my hometown big city. Some of the graduates from the same year as me have found jobs and i'm managing them.