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Piece of Crap Dungeon drop rate


  • PilikenPiliken
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    I agree with Shawnyy and lillucario that the current implementation of gear progression is not very well catered to the western audience. The levels of RNG for gearing up to the 2100+ GS mark are quite abysmal.

    For example, i capped a character on day 2 of the head start and went head first into adventure level 50 dungeons. In my first 10 runs i got 0 epics but got up to ~1700 GS. On day 3 i did another 10 dungeons and got 0 epic drops. I made 3 alts and decided to level them until reset. The reset happened and i ran another 10 dungeons i got 3 epics randomly and hit 2100 GS.

    The next two characters i capped ended up not getting a single epic drop in 50 runs on the priest and 50 runs on the wizzard (30 from first week and 20 from this week, saving 10 for the addition of new dungeons on the 10th). So with 130 runs in the adventure lvl 50 dungeons i got 3 drops. Small sample size, but based off of other player's feedback the drop rate is pretty terrible if you are just trying to get the 2100 GS to be able to do hard mode dungeons.

    I think the current system for hard mode dungeons is fine since that is where the real progression starts. In when you are enhancing your Fire Dragon or Balrog weapons/gear at +10 it's about 30% success chance and requires 2 pieces of the same gear to enhance once. For adventure mode dungeons, being the entry point to endgame dungeons/raids, i do think the RNG progression is not in a good spot.

    Warning: Next section is about WoW.

    I have seen World of Warcraft come up in the forums when people talk about content being gated and dungeon caps. WoW has caps on their version of hard mode dungeons and raids, but they have separate systems that you can grind endlessly. In the recent two expansions Blizzard added a dungeon difficulty called Mythic +, which are hard mode dungeons that are more challenging and infinitely repeatable. The gear you can get from that system is just under the GS of raids but actually higher than the regular mythic/hard mode dungeons.

    The only reason i wouldn't suggest adding a system like this in MS2 is due to the currency you get from breaking down gear and acquiring crystals for enhancing gear. The only way something like this could exist in MS2 would be to make gear obtained from a mythic + system not able to be broken down.
  • AngelRodriguezAngelRodriguez
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    I think that if people are coming into this game to just run dungeons for the week then log off, then one way or another they'll get bored no matter what. I think many of us are forgetting that this is a social mmo with tons of activities aside from dungeons to occupy players. I do not think it's a problem to let players get up to hard dungeons and raids relatively quick since they will still have things like life skills, exploration, trophy hunting, dark descent, and all the other things the game has to offer which I can't list off the top of my head. The people who would burn out in a world where dungeon runs are unlimited will burn out under the current system as well, and that's because they're treating the game as something it's not. While I agree that dungeon farming is a large aspect of the game, it is not the only aspect and thus people should not be running all their dungeons and then sit around twiddling their thumbs wondering "what do I do?". Plus if people really want to sit down and dungeon farm all day every day, they can just make alts to do it since the hardcore players are all going to make them whether it's required or not, it happens in just about every other mmo. I do think a limit is fair, along with having something have low drop rates to prevent a player from doing just 1 run to get their epic gear, but the combination of these two aspects is the real problem here so one or the other needs to be tackled. I also don't agree with the idea that the population increase will fix the problem since the demand will go up just as much to accommodate. While the economy may settle in a months time, the launch month for an mmo is the most crucial time and will more often than not decide the fate of the game. If people come into the game and experience all these problems as a ftp player, they will likely just move on to the next free mmo and never even look back at MS2, even if the issue does get ironed out later on. Just look at another mmo which had a rocky start, Elder Scrolls Online. Sure it's booming now, but the reputation it earned at launch caused the game to struggle for years and without the backing of a huge company like Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls IP to act as a crutch, the game would have never been able to recover. This situation could happen to MS2, but I don't think people would be as willing to give the game another chance due to Nexon's less than stellar reputation in the mmo market. From what I've played this drop rate issue is really the only grievance I truly have with the game, and while some of us may be able to put up with it, the casual ftp market may not be so kind and share the same understanding we do. Western audiences simply don't have the patience to farm the same dungeon 60-90 times over the course of 2-3 weeks just to progress, and being stubborn and telling them to deal with it will only be turning away potential players and customers from the game. A company must cater to their demographic when putting out a product, otherwise they'll just find something else they like instead, especially in the overly saturated mmo market we have nowadays, it would be easy for someone to pick the game up for a few days and just leave for another free mmo.
  • Classic_SteelClassic_Steel
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    lillucario wrote: »
    Again, I’m all for RNG but you do not make content last longer by stopping people from even getting to said content because they’re unlucky. You slow down their progress by something they have control over. I.e skill checks with bosses.

    They could have very easily just made the loot from hard mode dungeons be RNG but let people actually experience the fight when it’s there. Not a week or so later when they finally Get lucky enough to get the gear. That’s why people are stuck without some things to do when they reach 50 because they cannot get to the content simply because they’re unlucky. Sure by now people can sell their OWN mats that they’re going to need themselves to get into the dungeons but it’s counterintuitive.

    you say your for RNG but you complain that RNG isnt in your favor? so what your saying is if RNG was nice to you, you wouldnt even be on this thread? hmmm. either way there is more ways then just dungeon runs to get purples, alt yes but since you guys dont like that word. lets talk again about other ways.

    1) selling onyx for mesos
    2) daily meso mission (RNG oh no!)
    3) Join a guild that shares items to help raise the overall guild to the top and not just a few players
    there ya go 3 ways to get purples. also Progress in the other fields your main needs (gear is just a part of the whole puzzle of a powerful main), like trophies for skill points and attribute points, theres something for you to do while you wait for daily reset or weekly reset
  • lillucariolillucario
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    RNG being in my favor or not has nothing to do with how bad it is. I’m speaking for my SO more so than myself since the only epics I’ve gotten are 2 of the same earrings from Tronix Bunker. And ofc I gave the other to my SO. Then We eventually gave in and sold a majority of the onyx crystals we had been saving for our own gear just to buy epic pieces off the market so that we can actually do the hard mode dungeons. I’m speaking because it shouldn’t be that way just to get into something that isn’t even the actual end game.

    Now you’re just making it seem like we’re against and kind of RNG which couldn’t be further from the truth. RNG is okay if it’s for things that should actually be really rare. The cosmetic items from the low level dungeons that you’re able to randomly get aside from getting enough tokens? That’s fine. How many meso pouches you get from daily missions? Not an issue either. And again, not being able to do something that isn’t even actual end game because I’m unlucky? That’s where it’s just dumb. I’m not being kept out of “hard” dungeons because I’m either lacking skill or something. I was simply unlucky. If they made loot from chaos dungeons be RNG to get after actually killing it, I’d be okay with it because I’d at least able to do the content.

    The main reason the people want the gear is so they can actually do some of the content, not so much because they want to be BiS within a day.
  • MokaleleMokalele
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    1 main 2 alt.. 90 runs 1 epic earings.. GZ
  • MochaLatteMochaLatte
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    Tonight in a couple minutes (Oct 26th), we get two +8 scrolls. One for weapon, one for armor. You can use these to easily get to 2100 with no epic items.

    You must be sure to open the +8 weapon box on any class with 2 weapons (Knight, Priest, Thief, Assassin), as you will need the "Main Hand" version of the scroll. You then transfer that scroll to the character you want to get to 2100. Buy a lvl 50 blue-tier longsword and a dagger off the black market for ~15-25k each. Buy the armor from the same set, but you likely already have it if you've run any 1500 dungeons. Use the +8 on the longsword, and the other on the top. Now all you need to do is enhance the dagger to +6 or so, and put it in your second hand.

    That should get you to 2100, but if you are just off, that means you need to make sure your accessories are of the savagery set, which come as fragments from all of the 1500 dungeons, though some are sold on the black market. Earrings/Belt are the hardest to craft and thus most expensive, which means running the Tronix dungeons is optimal as it gives you both pieces easily (in untradeable form).

    The alternative to all this is spending ~4m on a Omega/Shoo Suit. Enhancing blues is already cheaper then that, but it's vastly more so when you get two free +8s. And those scrolls only work on blues, so there is no reason to save them for later as all of this gear will be replaced with epics as soon as you start doing Fire Dragon.
  • SwiftSwampSwiftSwamp
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    Just wanted to give my quick 2 cents.. although the way this thread has gone, it doesn't seem like it'll matter much. I don't mind the daily caps as alts are easy to create/gear up, runs are quick, it's nice to get that feeling of having to grind again to get good.. The reason I specifically do not like having to create alts to do more dungeon runs is the fact that gear is not transferable among my alts. I've got insanely good rolls on gear that I can't use on an alt that would've been perfect for my main and something that I've been trying to get it for ages I now have on my alt that I can't do anything with.
  • NikynoonooNikynoonoo
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    You're better off buying an epic off the black market then actually trying to find the epic through dungeons there is nothing fun or satisfying about that. Sure you can try to get it through the normal dungeons, but everybody else is going to leave you way behind.