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Easy way to get guildies out of Nutaman's Grip

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There's a Lapentier you can buy in your guild shop called "Gravity Machine." It pulls up to 10 guildies to your location within 6 m away, so if you're the one who doesn't get grabbed you can easily just walk up the pillar and use the lapentier to pull your guildies down. They only cost 1k mesos each, I believe you can buy 30 per week.

Of course you could just do it the normal way and get on the pillar, attack Nutaman, then jump off, which can save anyone not only your guildies, but this way is pretty easy and fun to do.



  • MaygiMaygi
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    This is neat! Too bad it only works on guildies... I would love to use it to pull people into my Holy Symbol, haha~
  • KewkkyKewkky
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    I was recently playing around with that ability, but didn't think for a second about doing this. Cool trick!

    Another use for it would be for a Knight who is about to cast bubble. Use Gravity pull to gather your guildies and then pop up your bubble. No more having guildies die because they didn't make it in time.
  • Ren_PartycatRen_Partycat
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    I hope they don't patch this, even though it's an unnecessary and you can only use it a limited amount of times. Wait, I don't even run Rune Temple, why am I in this thread? I might grab some of those gravity machines though... But I really wish they could be used on party members. Maybe give players an option to let them be affected by it or not, to prevent griefing.
  • NikynoonooNikynoonoo
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    This helps a lot thank you.