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How does Runeblade fair ?

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My main was only lvl 31 Berserker. I have decided to try a new class instead the RB.

How does RB fair in pve/pvp pre and post awakening?

For those who main Runeblade are you enjoying it ? Does it do well endgame ? Hardmode dungeons.


  • OcculoOcculo
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    Pre awakeing rb is pretty middle of the pack in pve, and pvp wise, it's okish if you can play it well. Post awakening RB is one of the top dps pve, and gets a little better in pvp. But right now it does well end game, provides crit dmg buff to party, which with a archer's sharp eye's goes hand in hand. With raids coming out, most teams will want at least one rb on their team for the crit dmg buff. Buff is especially great for assassin's.
  • NikynoonooNikynoonoo
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    One thing I hear about them is that you better get lucky getting an epic in normal dungeons because runeblade weapons on black market are super expensive in comparison to everybody else.
  • ThenelwaveThenelwave
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    I see hmmm say more
  • WickedNueWickedNue
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    I would honestly say runeblade is great it just takes a lot attention to skill rotation and movement. People who say RB have low damage don't understand its a burst class mostly. A RB can pop impact(its main hard hitter)/illusionary blade even move with blade chasm(also hard hitting) while sustaining flurry(constant damage with no cost). Whirling and blade chasm can be used to both damage and close range while still dpsing, echoing blade is also great but with the amount of skill points we have now its either one or the other.