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[NOT SOLVED] Auto Performing Coupons not working

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edited 3:03PM October 28, 2018 in Bug Reporting
FEEDBACK: Please make them like the fishing coupons, very confusing having two auto coupons that work differently

]I have been saving my fishing and music auto coupons and today I decided to start working on my music.

Imagine my disappointment when both my 30mins and 1hr auto performing coupons don't work, can't double click them, can add them to the action bar but nothing happens. I've tried activating them in all maps as well as at home.

Here is a screenie of both coupons:

Thinking I needed to click the 'auto perform' 30min to activate I then wasted the 30 merets to auto perform, just didn't recognize the several I had in my bag.

Ended up fishing because all the fishing coupons worked.

I'm on East, the coupons are from the event wheels and I think monopoly gave me some too.


  • AxisAxis
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    You can't interact with any items at all if you have your instrument out, performing or not. You'll need to activate the voucher before you equip your instrument.
  • ZintackZintack
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    Yeah, I honestly don't know why they made it like that. Should of made a check box [under auto section?] that says to use voucher just like a lot of other things.
  • KhongiKhongi
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    LOVE you both!

    Unfortunately when I went into the game and tried the above method you mentioned above I got the red message "You can not use item right now"

    So no, the auto perform coupons I have don't work and are buggy.