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Undoing house expansions

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I have made my house area too big when I began playing and there is no way to revert this. I am very puzzled why this feature hasn't been implemented so soon or even with launch. I'd really like to customize my house, but It's not something I am able to do with such a large space when my ideas are for a smaller grid.


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    That is also my point of view!
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    As it was stated in the latest Producer Blog, the feature to shrink the house size is currently in the works.
    You can read the full article here:
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    Yukiyoru wrote: »
    I am very puzzled why this feature hasn't been implemented so soon or even with launch.

    Why? It barely makes sense, especially considering that expanding your house used to actually cost mesos (effort) and there is absolutely no disadvantage with having a larger house other than visuals... not to mention the fact that you choose exactly how much you expanded it in the first place since you had to manually click the button. Great example of how people act without thinking, then expect failsafes to be present. Granted, for many MMOs they actually do have mechanics to prevent certain decisions from being too punishing, but you'll learn the hard way that with Nexon you're usually better off with thinking before you act, because waiting for Nexon to act usually takes a long time.
    You're lucky they chose to bring up a solution for this issue, though I honestly think there are actual bugs in the game they should focus more on (most of which they have ignored since CBT1).