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[FEEDBACK] Glamour Anvil

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Where does it say "You can only use the anvil on lvl 50+ Armor/Weapons and it has to be exceptional (blue)" because FYI everyone for 7 coins unless you know that most <lvl50 items (blue included) can not be anviled you have just wasted your time (farming gear) and money (to buy style boxes to break down into coins).

I don't know if it was different on KMS2 but only a very limited number of items can use this anvil.

For those like me farming fun looking rare blue gear like the Ribbon Quipao + Steamy Dumpling hat you can not use this item on them

My Feedback is make the text more accurate so players don't waste so much time and money on this like I did because as it stands it reads like you can use it on any gear.



  • JetUppercutJetUppercut
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    It's a bit weird that it doesn't work on all gear, especially since it costs almost $20 to get one. It's also inconsistent because I'm pretty sure the Orihalcum gear and Korea Fans were on the Premium Shop during the betas, too. So there's no reason you shouldn't be able to anvil those since the costumes already exist.
    Just another oddity of this game that hopefully gets ironed out soon.
  • KhongiKhongi
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    Because KMS2 and beta was the only information I had at hand that was one of the reasons why I thought a lot more gear could be anviled. But for whatever reason it's very specific in NA and very limited.

    I hope they do correct it but IDK if they will since it's cosmetic.

    EDIT: Such a shame something like this (dumpling hat) can never be turned into a outfit, it's such a costume piece...