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How to make all spinning block spin?

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in Housing Creations
I have over 50 spinning blocks in my house and im trying to get them all to spin at the same time, the trigger only lets me do 3 at once :(

Does anyone know how to do this?


  • RinqoRinqo
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    Lots of people have this question.

    Answer: IMPOSSIBLE

    At most you can only get 18 blocks to spin at once. 6 per trigger controller.


    In the trigger controller's first state, you switch on 3 blocks and send it to the next state. In the next state you MUST set initial conditions to turn on another 3 blocks.

    Try it out and see
  • KoooooKooooo
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    i think it can be done,but some of the block may lag a little some time.
  • EternalxEternalx
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    Spinning blocks?