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Pots don't work during gathering event. How come??

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Potions that increase gathering gain DO NOT work during gathering event (which grants double the gathering items) on Tuesday.
Why? for what reason? More items be should be rewarded after use of gathering gain potions on Tuesday event.


  • BabadookBabadook
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    I find the Tuesday event to be such a relief. Gathering is so tedious and using tools makes it even worse. But if they aren't used then it feels like you're wasting time. I dread gathering every day, but still do it because I want the stuff.
  • AlexstrazsaAlexstrazsa
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    edited 7:14AM October 23, 2018
    I guess they didn't want people to quadruple their resource drops and advance their crafting too far in just one day. Either that or the way it's programmed is just an invisible buff that matches the tool buffs, so using one is essentially just "reapplying" it? Who knows.