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Batch Crafting vs Framerate

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in Life Skills
Anybody else get a distinct stutter after every item is crafted? It isn't like there are fireworks shooting off, yet the message telling me Got Rice Flour seems to have the same performance impact as 20 player's skill effects at the world boss.
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  • TopPriestTopPriest
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    It is due to the massive amounts of checks and updates they have to do on the UI. It has to update every item's craftable count and checks if you have the mesos or materials to craft it. You can tell this is the case because if you change to another tab like "handicraft" if you are smithing, that stutter goes away.
  • AlexstrazsaAlexstrazsa
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    Yeah, the games hangs a bit at the end of every craft completion if the skill tab you're leveling is open. You can easily get around this by queuing up your crafting, then swapping to a different skill tab. i.e, if you're leveling smithing, have the handicraft tab open. A bit of an annoying workaround, but it keeps it running smoothly.