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The State of the Wiki!

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Lets be honest everyone, the MS2 wiki sucks.

Like look at this

Now this can not stand, how are new players supposed to have easy access to info about everything? Sure asking others is nice but not everyone is gonna know everything. This is where I come in, I'm looking for dedicated and hardworking MS2 Players to help me help everyone by making the wiki a great place of knowledge!

What does that mean you might ask? This.
unknown.png Come help me help everyone!
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  • NikynoonooNikynoonoo
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    To be fair the game is still fairly new so you can't expect all of this stuff to be out right away, but if that was you who made that article for mk 52 that you've shown I'd say you did a great job. Even just looking at life skills I notice they don't have the info for experience in life skills at certain levels nor do they even tell you what the items used for. If you go on lets say copper ore it will tell you it can be used to make copper ingots which is fine, but then they don't tell you what the ingots are used in. Some of the ores don't even tell you that they're made into ingots which I get is common sense, but come on a little effort makes everything look better.

    I don't have too much free time, but I can try to help where I can.
  • JetUppercutJetUppercut
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    The real strategy for MK-52 is to just stay in melee range front and centre, then you only have to actively dodge the mini-fire lazers and eye lazer attack. All his other attacks will literally go over your head.
    Also, after a certain % of HP, the spotlight cannon attacks he does will break the glass in front of the bottom left and right teleporters, which both hide EMP barrels underneath. So try to fight in front of those if you want the fight to go quicker.