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Thoughts on Fishing and life skills?

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in Life Skills
So after a few months of BDO i discovered i really like life skills, its a nice change of pace from endless murder, it was a great way of income and progression.
I figured i'd give the same a try in Maple story 2 aswell, though the results are a bit more underwhelming than i would have hoped.
Got fishing to master despite hearing all the gripes about it. The profit vs time spent and merits needed to afk fish does not seem worth it. I'm not looking to destroy the economy with afk fishing, but the fact it takes actual merits to preform.
Now i only started on release, never tried this magnet lure. But aside from that lure, is our fishing different from the other version?

Aside from fishing, i've been trying gathering and crafting, seems very hard capped with a large emphasis on buffing yourself to gather, which is fine.Though im seeing most the items you can craft are bound to you, so unsure if its possible to make any mesos of crafting, hopefully i'm wrong.

But i'd like to hear others thoughts on the life skills system in this game. Maybe suggestions on improving it? Though i have no idea how much influence we actually have here.

But yeah, a suggestion for fishing, integrate fishing into cooking, let us pull things from the water to cook, or just make manual fishing not a waste of time spent, make it so that there's a shiny after a mini game


  • HashtagHealsHashtagHeals
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    If you look further into cooking / alchemy you find certain items which are not bound to you and can be sold. There is an item from cooking that gives 25% hp back when used similar to the mini-elixirs.
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    The only thing I don't like about it so far is the cooldown time before using the life skill buffing items. I basically use the buff item, do my crafting, then I have to wait a few minutes before using the buff item again. I suppose that makes the buff item that lasts longer more desirable, but waiting a few minutes is just a silly small waste of time. At least if the cooldown was 20 minutes I could go out and farm monsters or do dungeon.
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    I have been crafting music scores by gathering materials. to get around the gathering cap I farm with about 4 characters and each one can craft blank music score every 5 days getting 4 blank music score a week. crafting them is much cheaper then buying them. going to try cooking later.