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[NA West] Now Recruiting Antidote !

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Antidote [NA West]

Antidote is a top ranked guild that values building friendships within the MS2 community. It is a home for social, wholesome, and dedicated adventurers. We host community events both in game, on Discord, and in real life! If you are looking to make lasting friendships, this is the guild for you!

Our Values:
Maturity and Respect
Supportive and helpful attitudes
Active and dedicated Maplers
LGBTQ+ Friendly

Intend to play multiple days a week
An active trophy hunter in any and all categories (600+ trophies)
Non-toxic attitude and language
Use Discord (we post guides, pictures, and events and frequently use the voice chats to hang out or to coordinate our parties).

We are mostly based in Southern California, but anyone is welcome to apply.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form or contact me on Discord at Julie#6674 :)

Thank you for your interest, and happy Mapling! ^_^