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Bad Luck on getting Maple mount.

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More or less a frustration thread for fellow unlucky players that haven't gotten the mount just yet. What are the rates for it...? I feel like I'm just incredibly unlucky, but I still have hope, since the event is still going for a little white more...

It really hurts seeing the wheel spin past it and landing on the item next to it :(.


  • GummybitesGummybites
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    Posts: 241
    I got mine on like my fifth spin? its luck based I guess
  • BippzyBippzy
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    It took me a good amount of spins until I got it. So many slime outfit items sitting in my inventory...

    While a spinny-wheel might seem to have equal odds of landing on any item, I think that the Maple Leaf has a more "rigged" percentage to be landed on. Luck is still a factor and I'm sure someone could get the mount on their first spin, but I have a feeling that the wheel is set to land on everything else a lot more often.
  • NikynoonooNikynoonoo
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    I got mine in around 7 spins I think so I got pretty lucky. On the other hand it took me 40+ spins to get the slime outfit chest piece. I'm pretty positive the wheel is rigged because you land on the elixers and herb way more than anything else.
  • mmviimmvii
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    :[. I hope to get at least 2 of these, just hope that spin rate isn't as abysmal as the normal dungeons epic drops lol :P. Seen guys zipping around on these mounts and they look really cool. It's 25 spins a day on that wheel though so the mounts will have to come eventually if you focus on it.
  • kungfuciuskungfucius
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    It took me 540 spins to finally get 1, keep at it
  • SpiralofvertigoSpiralofvertigo
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    It took me around 80 or so; you'll get it! Just keep trying.
  • GotexGotex
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    I think i used the third option to spin, I only wanted the back pack. I didnt even know I had a mount till a day later haha! i was so focused getting the backpack. Yeah I just think its luck based too, i only got one.
  • ClericeruClericeru
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    Items on the Maple Spin wheel do not have identical chances of being rewarded

    Just keep trying. I did the 100x spin twice and managed to get it on the second lot. I did a few single spins, and I saw the wheel just go past the mount and land on the next one. Unfortunately, I think it's programmed that way to make us keep spinning that wheel.
  • AngelienaAngeliena
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    One spin , i guess i am very lucky . sorry for those that are not so lucky i hope you all get your mount soon :) in the mean time keep spinning .
  • mirta000mirta000
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    1 100X spin brought me 1 mount.
    Previously I did 50 spins and got no mount.
  • MiguelxMiguelx
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    1 100x got me 3.
    Never did any spins before that.
  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    it took me over a hundred spins just to get 1 maple leaf mount. luckily you can put it in the bank to move it between characters so I gave it to my rune blader since she looks cuter with it anyway. might try again after I finish the maple monopoly board thing.
  • MissVanjieMissVanjie
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    i got mine on litterally like my 1st or second spin xD im NEVER this lucky. i was litterally like " is it supposed to be this easy?? bcuz this mount looks rare"
  • AlfaniAlfani
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    Feeling the frustration, I put anywhere from 50-100 coins into spins and I've managed to get everything buuuuut the mount.
    Really hope RNGesus is kind to me and coughs it up soon.
  • CryoGXCryoGX
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    Got the warpstar in-- I think-- less than 50 rolls? I wasn't counting but I didn't lose too much to get it, though my very FIRST spin, it got extremely close to the mount but was too slow to go over the wheel peg, which made me violently roll more lmao
  • FeifeiDuFeifeiDu
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    I got it on my first 10spin. Maybe try the 10spin at once option ?
  • CelciaCelcia
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    Just keep trying - you have a couple weeks left. It's really an awesome mount - really fast!
  • BebopBebop
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    edited 9:48AM October 17, 2018
    I'm well up to +100 spins as I've been trying since Friday for the dang mount... Still no mount, but more slime earrings than I could ever want. I keep getting teased by the single spin. It's a tough one for sure lolol.
  • PosePose
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    edited 11:39AM October 17, 2018
    Im there with you.

    Spun since day one, 365 spins in total. Even resorted to fishing up 15 coins and no use. Also fished on the incorrect dates listed and wasted $$ afk fishing.

    Calculated the odds, if you also havent played the mapleopoly yet, you have around 5 days left of attempts left to get the mount.

    Hate being at the mercy of rng... Would love it if they allowed the actual option to work to get it.
  • AlfaniAlfani
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,775
    Posts: 115
    Five daaaays?!
    I was certain the event went on until November 8th. =o