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What skills should I be specing into?

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Not sure where I should be putting my skill points into does anyone know a strong build?

Or what skills take top priority


  • MatarareMatarare
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    Im looking everywhere as well try to found the best build or what skill to upgrade

    From what i could get, fire is the strongest element, then Ice, Thunder kinda sucks and waste a lot of Mana

    But i'm not sure yet, im gonna keep reserching
  • iPabiPab
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    You should take your time learning how to play a wizard. There are two builds that people are liking so far.

    Fire/Ice Build:
    This builds has no points in Lightning or Party/Self Buffs. My recommendation with this build is to max Flame Wave and Ice Spear. Learn how to animation cancel Ice Spear by walking forward and pressing (not holding) your Ice Spear button. Make sure you keep Fire DoT up at all times. The rest of the points should go into your Fire/Ice preference. If you have a lot of % Elemental Damage from your items, then pick the one that's strongest respectively. IMO % Elemental Increase is so good!

    Lightning Build:
    Max Chain Lightning, Max Magic Claws, and Party Buffs. I only use this build for the lulz. It's really fun pairing it up with the Extreme Item Set that gives a total of 8 seconds of 'No Spirit Consumption'. However, since this is Closed Beta this build will probably be 'meh' once the cap is raised to 65 and other equipment becomes available.

    To close, I think my equipment leads me to my choice of skill build. Remember that each raid will be different, so maybe a Fire/Lightning or an Ice/Lightning (Kappa) will be better!
  • JiggedyJamJiggedyJam
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    Fire/Lightning is also pretty hilarious, flame wave and tornado with electric spear is pleasing to the eyes
  • HashtagHealsHashtagHeals
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    Here is the current endgame meta. Since fire is meta till later on this is the build with the most damage output.
  • ElyxthaxzusElyxthaxzus
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    Read Bear_Tek's guide on this forum. It goes into detail the math and why the flame wave build is the current meta, and it also covers Macro setup to maximize your DPS.
  • OneConfusedMilletianOneConfusedMilletian
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    Thanks for pointing out Bear_Tek's guide! It really helps.