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"Trend-Setter" Trophy/Title Bugged

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edited 4:02PM October 6, 2018 in Bug Reporting
I just got all 6 magazines in my inventory. The trophy details shows I've collected all of them, but the number is stuck on 5/6 and I cannot complete the trophy, as shown in the screenshot.


IGN: Eve
Server: EU
Time: 23:55 EU Server time
How to reproduce: Get all 6 magazines listen under the Trend-Setter trophy and see if it goes up to 6 or stuck on 5.


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    Can we get this fix please, it's a common known bug since beta apparently and yet it's still going on. Those who legit loot the book get it bugged but those who buy it off black market gets it to work. I've looted 5, doesn't fix it, I've purchased one off black market and it doesn't trigger it for me.

    Please fix it, please.