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Can Knights' shields PLEASE contribute to GS?

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As well as any class that has a subweapon that grants no gear score despite *having* a gear score.

I'm so sick of having to swap in another class' weapon in my shield slot just so I have the gear score to enter a dungeon that I'd be able to enter normally if I was a class with a subweapon that DOES contribute to gear score!

I love this game to death, and it's one of my favorite MMOs in recent memory, but coming from MMOs where every last equipped item contributes to gear score/item level, this is just backwards and asinine.

As a knight player I want to contribute to my parties, but it really sucks when a tanky support class is denied entrance to something while a squishier DPS just has to throw in a shuriken or whatever and they're good to go.

Can classes with non-contributing gear please have access to these dungeons without discrimination based on what's in our subweapon slot? We're often the members that can help a group clear endgame that much easier.
  1. Should ALL subweapon contribute to gear score?8 votes
    1. Of course, they *have a gear score*.
       88% (7 votes)
    2. Nah.
       13% (1 vote)