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What is your favourite class intro story so far?

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For me, it has to be Wizard. It's witty, funny, a little over the top and silly, and offers good advice concerning the widdle chubby cheeks of cute monsters.

Do you have a favourite intro and if so, what makes it your favourite?


  • LuxxLuxx
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    Priest wasn't good tbh, probably the worst.
  • DanDKDanDK
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    I wouldn't go so far as to call the current class content a 'story' more than a random mashup of background notes lasting a few minutes until you land in Lith and they are forever gone with gaping plot holes never once mentioned again.
  • VPencilVPencil
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    I personally found the Gunner story the funniest and most amusing, although it makes absolutely no sense in terms of the questline. The only characters, in my opinion, that make sense merging into the epic questline is the assassin, knight, and maybe the wizard. Even still, there's some stuff to be desired. (I still would like each class to have their own questline, but I know that's too much to ask for at this point.)
  • DanDKDanDK
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    VPencil wrote: »
    (I still would like each class to have their own questline, but I know that's too much to ask for at this point.)

    Don't see why that's much to ask for. It's a completely normal thing in MMOs to have proper class questlines.

    Especially considering the fact they removed the entire Maple Island and Beginners from the game (which existed in original KMS2) just so they could make this half assed attempt instead.
  • Stellar_CowStellar_Cow
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    I personally really enjoyed the berserker intro. The storyline just kept getting better and better the more I played as well. Kept me hooked. I mean you take the concept of a good person who potentially has something evil and put them into the battlefield, and you get a mega war hero! Plus the berserker's attitude is absolutely awesome. Who doesn't like a rough n' tough character with some anger issues?
  • ExtentInstinctExtentInstinct
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    Definitely Wizard has the best intro, it's way funny and nice. It's like your typical favourite anime's first few episodes.
  • Azn777Azn777
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    Defitnetly wizard. I agree priest is the worst one imo, i hated priest after doing the intro and could not follow through. Wizard personality is the best, and you have an ojousama class president Kaitlyn who follows the anime archetype mostly on point. It's like extent above said, wizard class intro is like an anime.
  • MapleSapoMapleSapo
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    I enjoyed Heavy Gunner's but I found very weird to see the Resistance job instructors on it, considering that MS 2 story supposed to be too many years before the original MS game.
  • Isaac753Isaac753
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    havent seen all the intros but some are wierd i think sins and mages are the most normal.
  • AnomaletixAnomaletix
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    Berserker was really fun, as you pick up flowers, accidentally kill them, then proceed to murder the flower bed.
  • Meno1234Meno1234
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    I liked the runeblade intro, A traitor kill your masters master.... I think.. Lmao, And then you go hunt them down
  • SentineIsSentineIs
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    I personally enjoyed thief, and I was so sure that your character would come back for revenge. The characters were colorful, the personality was apparent, and a sadistic police chief toting a whip, wanting to arrest you, was pretty on the nose.
    I think the biggest thing lacking in the class stories is follow up tbh, but some classes like knight and priest don't really need it as the main storyline feels well matched with their intros.

    Knight was nice too, since it established the knights personality, as well as a dislikable but understandable superior etc.
  • LucisLucis
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    edited 3:42AM October 14, 2018

    Wizard was the one I disliked the most, the character is too annoying