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[Guide] Daily Consumable drop list (WIP)

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Hello Maplers!

I been looking around for info about the consumables that daily sometime asks without any luck so i decided to try compile one myself...

It's a really simple google doc (looks bad ikr) where you can search the item you are looking for and (if it's there) you will be able to see where and how to get it

For who don't know how to search simply click on the 3 lines close to "Item" and type inside the box the item you are looking for

The list is still pretty short cause i'm trying to find stuff myself while roaming around and asking around on discords/forums/random people

Anyway enought talk! I leave you the link down here and if you know about ANY item needed for daily quest PLEASE post down here and i will add it as soon as i can!
Help me complete this list for the community, thanks!

(if a list such this already exist please let me know, probably i didn't look around well enought)