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Dear Nexon, You Missed a Problem

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I like the changes made so far, removing the pay to win stuff was a smart move, but why in the world did you think it was a good idea to have a dungeon limit. Even more so, what made you think that keeping it at such small numbers as 10 per day and 30 per week was a bright idea. This is a terrible idea from the start, and even worse with the amount. 10 per day would have just left it at bad, but not horrible. 30 per week however, is just outright horrible. After 30 runs at the level 50 dungeons, I still haven't gotten a single purple item, which means I'm not progressing, and thus stuck. All because of a "feature" that servers no actual purpose, and I know I'm not the only one in the same position.

I'm sure I'm not the first to ask, and I probably won't be the last, but please remove this limitation.


  • RyuuunikRyuuunik
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    Go level an alt
  • HashtagHealsHashtagHeals
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    Do what most of us are doing level multiple characters to level 50. That way you get more dungeon runs each week. Honestly, it is worth getting as many characters to 50 as possible for a few reasons.
  • LogicalWolfLogicalWolf
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    not an issue its laziness on the users end
  • MarcusTherionMarcusTherion
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    It is an issue, and i've been downvoted before with the suggestions i've previously made. Not sure how people can't seem to understand that there's no reason to have such an absurdly low chance of an epic from a level 50 dungeon when, once you're past the 2.1k hurdle to Hard dungeons, they get thrown at you in droves.
    Hard Dungeon weapons provide fragments upon dismantling, you get a weapon EVERY kill, so in 4 kills you'll get a weapon for your class. So why shouldn't there be a fragment system in the level 50 dungeons if this is the case? Have a fragment drop at the end of every dungeon, combine 30 fragments to create the epic weapon which would then allow people to move onto hard dungeons. Doesn't have to be 30, the number could be changed, but this way progress is made no matter what without having to solely rely on RNG. The weapons from the hard dungeons provide buffs for their respective raids so there's no issue of it outclassing them.

    There should also be an option to enter dungeons and not acquire loot but it also not use up a daily/weekly slot. Means you can run dungeons with friends without issue or worry of saving runs for gear, especially as some daily missions require you to run through certain dungeons.