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Issue placing assistants in house.

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edited 8:43PM October 5, 2018 in Bug Reporting
So I've been trying to add some assistants but I get the error message "must be placed on floor" thing is I HAVE been trying to place it on the floor.

I've built my home up so the floor of my house starts 5 tiles high, I have a suspicion that assistants will only register on the bottom tile?

I've tried placing them on all types of blocks inside the house without luck.



  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    It's been rather well known to the nerd community that KR set them up so that only the first floor is where they can be placed.
    In other words, it doesn't recognize blocks or tile count as a floor.
  • KhongiKhongi
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    Well here is the thing I went back to the bottom floor but I had replaced all my bottom blocks for building my terrain and now it won't register on any of those now too.