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Additional Skill Tabs Is Too Much

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Maining Priest I've been finding myself having to constantly redo my skills over and over from dps when solo to heal focused in groups. Would really love to have an additional Skill Tab but I can't justify myself spending $10 just for that. Also when PvP hits it's going to be an issue for others having multiple skill tabs and having to either redo their skills or overpay for a feature other mmos would simply charge ingame currency for. Your biggest selling point for merets is going to be the cash shop, no need to bleed us players dry for every little upgrade, especially those function related opposed to fashion. I don't know why the price isn't lower or cost meso.


  • AynixAynix
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    The game is free. You must pay for convenience. Deal with swapping skills on skillbar whenver you siwtch from healer to dps or pay 10$ so you wont need to deal with it.