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One Character Headstart?


  • TacotimezTacotimez
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    I want to make 3 characters right away, stop sleeping for weeks, stock up on energy drinks, and DO IT!!!!

    To be honest, it does not matter to me one way or the other, all I know is that this game is going to be AMAZING!
  • XxPoseidonxXXxPoseidonxX
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    Joint wrote: »
    Well I don't but seeing as it takes a good few mins to make a brand new account up (Nexon account+new email) it's unrealistic that a person would be able to make that many accounts up and nab majority of the good names up. Plus a lot of mmos people use these type of macros in order speed up the process, and lastly we already witness people hacking in other Nexon games and I believe there were some hacks already in Mushking royal( correct me if I am wrong here.) So to say that no one created bots to snag up names is silly imo.

    Those bots if they hypothetically existed were already created prior to either the founders or non-founder name reservation and ran against these events to grab "good names." So, while people will be able to take names en-masse during headstart, those "good names" are already out of the pool.

    If you really want a certain name and if it somehow is still available, you should reserve it before the six character slots are open. It's too late to worry about name bots, the damage was already done quietly.

    Bluclue wrote: »
    If they are going to implement a 1 character headstart, i would prefer if i didnt have the headstart at all and have everything just be released on the 1st.

    They will give us paying players what we want the least, you can almost guarantee it.
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