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♡~【002 Unkown's Workshop】~♡Commission Closed

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Commission Closed

[New event] Free design giveaway
Hello~! I am doing a #maplestory2 ugc giveaway~✨
To enter:

1. Retweet this tweet
Higher chance to win:
Comment about your favorite anime character why you like him/she
Follow me :3c

Goal is to reach 50 retweets
The winner get to choose an anime character they want me to make
Hello!!! My name is Unkown(Not Unknown haha x3c)I am currently playing on NA west, ign is 002. I also have a character on east ign is Space. I really love arts and very enjoy making ugcs, and here are my works!
There are gonna be two sections, first sections are commission showoffs, by request only, which only exclusive to the buyers so I cannot put it on market. Second sections are the ones I made for myself, so if you want you can buy it on market. If the item from the second section is not on market, you can pm me on discord(002#0569)to put it on!
First Section
Artoria Berserker Outfit with sword
UMR outfit (Sold to Mystio[NA E])
Self designed male outfit(Sold to ZDane[NA W])
Self designed male outfit2(Sold to ZDane[NA W])
Rem(Sold to TheOddStone[NA E])
AquaSama(Sold to AquaSama[NA W])
Lucian Highnoon(Sold to MaoYan[NA W])resellable
Blesse Self-Designed(Sold to Blesse[NA W])
Silva From GranBlue(Sold to Aquilegia[NA E])
D.VA from Overwatch(Sold to liltay[NA E])
Lighting from FF13(Sold to lighting[NA W])
Shanks from One Piece(with mask)(Sold to Milk[NA W])
Second Section
ZeroTwo from Darling in the FranXX
& Ash_on_lol
Yeti bagpack
Card Captor Sakura Codex

Deposit-Each commission will require buyer pay 50% for 002 to start the work. Deposit is non-refundable and can't be charged back, paying the deposit means 002 will start your commission.

Structure lines-Once 002 done with the Structure lines 002 will send to buyers a screenshot of the structure and template choose, after the buyer agree with the structure lines and template choose, those things can't be change after agreement.

Credit-002 WILL NOT sell the commission outfit to anyone else other than the buyer, the buyer CAN NOT resell it at any form to anyone. (Exception 1: The Lucian outfit)(Exception 2: If the buyer willing to add +200% on the individual commission price, the commission outfit is sell-able and 002 will put the name in Exception 1)

Payment method:
Pref venmo(- 0), paypal(+ 4.4% taken by paypal), merets(+50% part taken by nexon and extra fee )

Please leave a like if you like my works! I will be very very happy!!!
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  • AquilegiaAquilegia
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    Hiya! Commissioner of the Silva outfit here, just got mine done and super happy with the results!

    If you want the your favorite outfit brought to life in this game I recommend her 100% :>
    Pays super close attention to detail and works with you all the way through!
    Don't let your dreams be memes
  • K1nglenbroK1nglenbro
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    Commissioner of Shanks outfit from One Piece unknown.png
    One of my favorite character from the anime . Love this masterpiece ! The shadow on the upper body muscles are outstanding , along with the cute face mask that resemble the character in fine details. I couldn't ask for more ! The designer really put a lot of heart and effort into the artwork and that is easily a 5 stars for me. :D
  • KoooooKooooo
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  • SeekerScorpioSeekerScorpio
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    Commissioner of the Aqua outfit from Konosuba


    This outfit came out perfectly as I hoped! I highly recommend going through @UnkownCat, because the punctuality and presentation you get when you decide to commission an item has been one of the better professional experiences I received. Being able to get basically a play by play on the progression of your commission with full 3d gif presentations was very great to receive, because you KNOW exactly what you're getting with no guess work needed. I recommend this 100% all the way! By 100%, I mean like Aqua going full 100% all the way! XD


  • ZDaneZDane
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    100% Recommended for UGC art. Legit and fast I like the Art works of her UGC. TDUakLO.jpg
  • ZDaneZDane
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  • ZDaneZDane
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    Thank you for another great UGC I Like it Awesome UGC once Again thank you! 20SJlvf.jpg
  • NibboNibbo
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    Your outfits looks so well done!!
  • CrimsonRiotCrimsonRiot
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    RedRiot from NA west here ~
    Chase from king's raid outfit! excellent job!
    The ghoul eyes (mask) is separate from the Chase cosplay, I thought ghoul eyes were cool so I made a commission and I loved how they turned out.
    The artist, 002, is really helpful. She takes the time to make sure everything is done right. Would recommend her to other people!