During the October event period, the Escaped Moon Bunny world boss spawns at the following times:

NA West: 02:30 AM - 05:30 AM UTC
NA East: 11:30 PM - 02:30 AM UTC
South America: 10:30 PM - 01:30 AM UTC
Europe: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM UTC
Oceania: 08:30 AM – 11:30 AM UTC

[Gameplay] Ping Inconsistencies

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Ever since the patch on 9/12/18 there have been wild ping inconsistencies on the NA West server.
Before the patch the ping was already terrible as I have decent internet and live in Arizona yet would get on average 140 ms connecting to NA West's server which is in Oregon. I pinged several public servers all around Oregon and to all of which I had a ping under 80 ms, obviously there were some routing issues for the NA West server.
Now after the patch my ping fluctuates wildly between 70-600 ms, averaging at about 300 ms. This is a known issue among the entire NA West community so it is not localized to my area or my machine.
Reproduction Steps:
Connect to NA West server from a machine located in Arizona on the most recent patch for GMS2 released on 9/12/18.


  • sonicmegasonicmega
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    Confirming. Prior to the 9/12 patch I had very stable and consistent ping, never going beyond 50-90 unless there was a massive spike that affected everyone.

    Ever since the patch I REGULARLY hit between 150-300 ping, and the delay is incredibly obvious when it comes to defeating monsters, collecting loot, summoning a mount, etc.

    There was even a case where someone cleanly kill-combo'd me in a bush, but the final hit took SO LONG to register because of the lag that I was able to Spring out and escape, which shouldn't have been at all possible.
  • CeliaCelia
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    I can confirm this too. Before the patch, my ping wasn't ideal but it was at a stable 100~120. Ever since the 9/12/18 maintenance, I'm at 300 ping at best and it spikes up constantly.
  • BlackAlchemistBlackAlchemist
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    I am also confirming this. As mentioned by Celia, my ping isn't ideal due to being located in CST. Meaning that I have a ping on average about 150-180. With the status of the game currently after this patch, I am seeing ping of over 6000. Even when connecting to the NA East server I am getting on average 700 ping. This issue needs to be fixed before launch or the game will be unplayable in NA.

    EDIT: Problem has minimized, however, it is still far above what it was during CBT2
  • ExigaExiga
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    Confirmed from the EU server. I log in from Israel, and before the last maintenance I had a stable connection of 100-130 ping everywhere. After the maintenance my ping is going crazy in the park (100-500) with radical spikes that can rarely reach 2000, blocking my keyboard and not allowing me to type, or locking my movement in the last directional input.

    In Mushking Royale matches it's less critical, and I have a ping of 100-200, so it's bearable. But something has changed in the background during the last maintenance that badly affects the game and making it unplayable for me. I've purchased a Founder's Pack, so I really hope this isn't going to stay when the full game releases.

    IGN: Eve
    Server: EU
    Time of lags: constantly since the end of the 9/12 maintenance
    Bug: constant high and random ping with serious spikes, mostly in the park but in matches as well. Had no problems whatsoever before the maintenance and during the 1st and 2nd betas.
  • mirta000mirta000
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    Can confirm. EU server. Before maintenance, I never noticed lag. After maintenance, even finishing the 1000 bombs thrown was difficult because not only would me picking up and throwing the bomb lag, at some point I would have those 2000 ping spikes that would stop me interacting from everything. The game is now lagging connection wise all the time with extreme ping as often as every 5 minutes. I'm connecting from UK. I can play all other online games just fine. I'm used to having around 80 ping normally. It has increased to an average of 300 now.
  • ShadepoopieShadepoopie
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    I can confirm that my ping before the new patch was not the worst, but now after the recent update I'm getting a lot of lag and high ping issues that can make the game unplayable at times, such as my attacks get delayed. I'm playing in EU servers from Finland. I also used to have 50-100ping, but now it is on average 200-300 and sometimes it even spikes into nonsensical numbers.
  • VertilligoVertilligo
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    I'm suddenly having ping issues as well sinse the maintainance, It fluctuates between 40 and 200 while it previously was around 37 consistantly.
  • ColonelKitKatColonelKitKat
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    My ping seems to soar high in Royale Park up to like 300 ms, even with player visibility off, however my ping drops to around 70 ms while in an actual game.
  • FrostlinFrostlin
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    since i started to play in 11\9 i had constant 300 ms and for some reason at 2pm i start having 50k ping and disconnected
  • idontreallyknowmanidontreallyknowman
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    My ping usually is aroung 30-70 but it sometimes feels like a solid 300 in mushking royale.
  • lolisymlolisym
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    It’s the same in OCE.
  • BeckyRebeBeckyRebe
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    I think that was my internet connection >.<

    My ping before the patch was 100-150 now its 300-400 and sometimes 2000-3000 even higher.

    IGN: Rebecca
    Server: NA East
  • CrownMeKingCrownMeKing
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    Nah, Pings are going off the roof i usually get between 40-75 ping. Now i'm getting kicked off the game with 300+ ping during mushking and at the park. Fix it.
  • CrownMeKingCrownMeKing
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    So any word on this? Have already LOST 100 points while playing. It's getting to the point that it's not even worth trying.
    This is for NA West.

    -My usual pings..



    -Ping i keep getting while in mushking royale match.


    -Message i get when i get disconnected.

  • RedxpandaRedxpanda
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    Since the game has started while living on the east coast I get = ping to people in the EU while having good internet and having to put graphics down to zero to get any kinda ping that is playable best ping i can get is 78 but mostly averaging 150-300ping and really bad 450-1500 in other games close to the server would be 30-50
  • ExigaExiga
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    After the 20th maintenance the ping is not affected at all, if so, it's even slightly higher now. I hope this is going to be solved by October.
  • VeggieAvocadoVeggieAvocado
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    I am still getting insane ping issues..
  • VinnyMac06VinnyMac06
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    It was a headache playing last night. my ping was fluctuating high to low while on Discord. I'd exit out of MS2 and my internet would be back to normal. It was becoming quite frustrating trying to do hard dungeons with friends.