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[FEEDBACK] Game Crashes

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edited 12:07PM September 14, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
Hey Maplers. Our team has been receiving reports regarding game crashes after the September 12th Maintenance. In order to further troubleshoot this issue we would like to gather the following information from those who are experiencing these crashes:

- Server
- Error message that you are receiving
- When did the crashes start? (Date and approximate time)
- Where do the crashes they happen?
(ex. character login screen, during Mushking matches, exiting Mushking matches, using certain skills etc.)


  • ShángSháng
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    Server: North America East
    Error Message: 10053
    Approx. Date Start: Today
    Where: Royale Park

    Happened 3 times in a row this morning and now stopped.


    - Shang
  • hankiepixhankiepix
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    edited 12:24PM September 14, 2018
    Server: EU
    Error Message: 10053
    Approx. Date Start: Today
    This happened 2 out of the 3 games of solo I tried to play today, Extreme split second lag followed by the error message. So I gave up.
    I think both times I was on another tab and wasn't using any skills but was in a bush, but I doubt that has much to do with it.
  • yukheiiyukheii
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    edited 1:11PM September 14, 2018
    Server: NA East
    Error Message: 10053
    Approx. Date Start: Yesterday, 10 minutes after maintenance end.
    Where: During beginning of solo match, got disconnected from server in first circle. This resulted in me losing 20 rank points due to early match leave patch punishing those that leave the game early. My concern with this is that this does not take context into account, you lose points from leaving early in the match regardless of reason for said disconnect. This is very unfair for those that disconnected early in the match like me and getting punished as a result.

    I will not be playing any matches until this is resolved, and if this means I will no longer be playing mushking, then that's how it will be.
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    disconnects gone wild.
    latency's gone mild.
    queue's gone out of style.

    But of course! Happened to be after maintenance where I'd already be rubberbanding whilst in Royale Park. I didn't even dare join seeing over 200ms of latency.
  • NekoLilyNekoLily
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    edited 1:24PM September 14, 2018
    Server: EU
    Error Message: 10053
    Approx. Date Start: 12th September (right after the maintenance, since the moment the servers went online)
    Where: Royale Park/Mushtopia

    I got lucky today at 2pm CEST that I was able to do ONLY two total games before it returned but that was the only moment I was able since the crashes started!
  • DanDKDanDK
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    Props to you for actually reacting fairly quickly to these issues for once.
    I've been fortunate to avoid the disconnects so far, but I've had severe rubberbanding at least once during random Mushtopia matches, and the ping tracker constantly claim values at 100~200 even though it doesn't seem to actually be that bad. It seems there are occasional spikes which didn't occur as badly prior to the maintenance.
    Server: EU, starting immediately after the maintenance as well. Issues seem to be much more frequent in Mushtopia, but that's to be expected since that's where FPS/lag issues were most prominent before the maintenance, too.
  • ZevizZeviz
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    Server: NA W
    Error message: 10053
    Approx. Date Start: Right after the 12th maintenance
    Where: Everytime I get on I get disconnected like 10 min in Royale park, don't last even 3 min in mushtopia without getting a dc.
  • MintyliciousMintylicious
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    Server: NA W
    Error message that you are receiving: I don't receive an error code.
    When did the crashes start? An hour or so after the 12th maintenance.
    Where do the crashes they happen? I've been disconnected both while in Royale Park and mid-Mushking Royale game. After the DC I'm immediately returned to my character select screen. It's weird and I've never had that happen before this maintenance.

    EDIT: Also received 10053 mid-game Mushking Royale tonight.

    EDIT 09/19: For the past few days my game has been lagging something fierce... never lagged before the maintenance. Lags so bad sometimes I "skip around" the map during a Mushking round. Practically unplayable and very disappointing. :(
  • FlutterbitsFlutterbits
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    Server: NA W
    Error message: 10053
    Started happening after the latest update, it's kinda hard to tell when it will happen since it seems I get dc'd at random times usually after playing a match or two. It happens in both Royale Park and in the middle of a match.

    Also, I remember having this issue on the first day of Mushking Royale
  • CatalystCatalyst
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    Server: NA East
    Error message: Did not receive an error message.
    When did crash start: around 4:30 ish EST i believe, it was the first time logging in after the maintenance.

    After the character selection screen, everything was loading kinda slowly until my game crashed. I didn't recieve an error message, the game just froze before closing the game window. When i tried to reopen the game the Nexon launcher said that i was already in game. I had to restart my computer to open the game back up again.

    I would also like to note that when i opened the game after the patch, there were a lot of new messages on the screen (ex: name reservation when you hovered over Mushking Royale in the game mode selection) and when you start the game it tries to walk you through how to queue into a royale match (even though i had already done so prior to the maintenance).
  • SeasiderSeasider
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    edited 7:12AM September 30, 2018
    I've not had any crashes but ping has been significantly higher since the patch.
    I'd get 40-70 before and now I get 100-200+. (EU) I've heard similar from my friends who have been playing.
    - - -
    Edit: Scratch that. My first crash just happened during a match at 6:37PM Sep 17th. Tried to open a chest, everything froze but I could still move around, then crash. After the crash all my keybinds were reset.
    Edit 2: Two more errors around 1:10AM Sep 18th while working on UGC. Both times after trying to reconnect I get the error 10060.
    Edit 3: I've gotten a ton of errors the past two days. I'd usually be able to leave my game on idle for days at a time but now it will kick me out pretty consistently every few hours.
    Server: EU
    Error: 10053 & 10060
  • D00DmanD00Dman
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    -Oceania server
    -Some users started complaining about it the day maintenance finished
    -10053 error all over the place. For some players it's been constant in Royale Park and also when they attempt to play murderrunaway in Mushtown, for others it happens somewhat less often, some players just haven't had it happen to them at all. Also the ping seems to fluctuate wildly at times. Doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to what causes the disconnect, since it can happen when sitting in one spot for an extended period of time, or when running off in some direction immediately after logging in, or even when tabbed out typing a forum post commenting on the matter.

    As an aside, servers were pretty turbulant (notably the wild ping) in the hours leading up to the GM event with Cicada, but stabilized a bit not long before it was due to start, didn't hear any complaints of players disconnecting during that hour.
  • LuciannaLucianna
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    -Server: OCE
    - Error message: 10053
    - When did the crashes start? After Maintenance Sept 13 maintenance
    - Where do the crashes they happen? Literally everywhere start screen, royale park mostly and while in a match.
  • AlzackAlzack
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    edited 2:55AM September 15, 2018

    Error message that you are receiving
    Disconnection thrice in a row followed by 10053 error, which stopped game client from working after third try to connect (I had to kill a process manually).
    Massive lag spikes, rubberbanding over the place and random high ping fluctuation up to enormous amount (from 200ms up to 9000ms after maintenance; 830ms, 1340ms, 4395ms, 4916ms, 8800ms, 25946ms, 61940ms earlier like I mentioned here). Unstable network latency is noticeable only in GMS 2, issue doesn't appear in any other game I play. GMS 2 has actually been the first product, which I experienced such high numbers in for the first time in my long gaming history. I suspect DDoS attacks, maybe it's worth checking.

    When did the crashes start? (Date and approximate time)
    September 14th, 2018 @ 10:30 PM CEST for 10053 error message.
    2 hours after start of Mushking Royale Pre-Season for ping fluctuation, lag spikes and rubberbanding; still on-going.

    Where do the crashes they happen?
    10053 errors occured in Mushtopia during team mode match and followed on character login screen.
    Latency issues are noticeable in both places - Mushtopia and Royale Park.
    Kind regards!
  • VerloVerlo
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    Server: OCE
    - Error message: 10053
    - When did the crashes start? 159/2018
    - Where do the crashes they happen? Upon logging in to Royale Park and while in Royale Park
  • HeraldRejnHeraldRejn
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    server: Europe
    Problem: Error 10053 every 2/3minutes...
  • XiaoXiao
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    - Server: NA West
    - Error message: 10053
    - When it started: September 13 (still happening now) @ 8/9 PM PST
    - Where do the crashes they happen: Mushking Royale Battle Royale ( beginning and mid/end game), Queueing, Logged in and a minute or so after
  • FluffernutFluffernut
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    - Server : NA east
    -No error message
    -Getting sent to character select screen seemingly randomly
    -usually happens after being afk or active on a different screen, however there is no connecting time, pattern, location or message beforehand
    -So far this has only happened to me when i'm standing around the city.
  • ModestyModesty
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    - Server: NA West
    - Error message that you are receiving: Disconnected from server. (code = 10053) Would you like to reconnect?
    - When did the crashes start? (Date and approximate time): Today, 09/15/18 @ ~11:30AM PST; haven't logged-in in the last few days.
    - Where do the crashes they happen?: In Royale Park afk, using skills, queuing, talking to NPCs, etc. and in Mushking Royale matches.

    Can't get any Mushking matches in at all.
  • ComputerComputer
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    edited 6:42AM September 16, 2018

    -Server: Europe
    - Error message that you are receiving? Disconnected from server. (code = 10053) Would you like to reconnect?
    - When did the crashes start? (Date and approximate time): Today, 15/09/18
    - Where do the crashes happen? In Royale Park and during matches so I've lost a few points as it seems to happen right at the start.