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Which NA server do you plan to be on?


  • XphobiaXphobia
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    Part 2
  • ConsciousConscious
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    east coast

    im hoping to see most if not all the people i've met in queenstown again ;3;
  • suchalameosuchalameo
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    Let's see which side will best the community!
    Vote in the poll with your main server!
  • SrslyrlySrslyrly
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    It may help to specify that this is only for North America, unless you plan on including the other servers.

    I'll be playing on NA West, but from other polls it seems the player base will be more in favor of NA East. We'll see I guess!
  • FluffernutFluffernut
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    I'm gonna be playing on NA East! I'm hoping that East doesnt become unpopular ;-; I know in most games, East is usually the one that dies out. but im gonna be hopeful!
  • EdwinightEdwinight
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    West since I live in California. Just stick to the server that gives you the better connection.
  • ZangaZanga
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    West Coast Best Coast
  • Takagii15Takagii15
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    East, I would imagine it would give you the best connection but you'll never know. I would still wanna stick there anyways as long as it's manageable.
  • kinsuyakinsuya
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    East because I live in the east and it is the most populated.

    Also I'm sick of not being in the most populated server in online games. Stupid Alexina server in Mabinogi hogging all the players..
  • DanDKDanDK
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    It's nice to see that despite many negative claims it seems that the servers are going to end up quite balanced. Keep it up and cut down on the elitism/doomsday scenarios, that's what causes the real danger.
  • vivbirbvivbirb
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    NA west is the best
  • Masked_Masked_
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  • TanathornTanathorn
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  • Stellar_CowStellar_Cow
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    Okay so let me just cut to the chase. I currently live in the west, but I'm moving across the country soon to potentially Guam or Alaska. If neither of those, I'll be heading to great lakes for boot camp. I'm from Indiana (which is central America). If I travel around so much, is there even a point in debating on which server to choose?
  • KaiieaKaiiea
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    I live in the Midwest, so, I chose the East since it was closest. I barely saw anyone from my area while I was on CBT2. Hopefully there are a lot more of us Miswesterners out there!
  • ExaliusExalius
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    Go East for a Beast time. ;)
  • NumberNumber
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    East Coast because its the best coast even b4 the beginning of time.
  • lol69lol69
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    As I'm aware many polls in the past already had this question, but I don't see a recent one since closed beta.
    I'm also curious since I'd like to know where most of the people are going on release so...!

    What server are you attending? EAST or WEST

  • AskaLanglyAskaLangly
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    West, only because of my friend from Victoria.
  • TheRandomOne2112TheRandomOne2112
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    While I'm in the middle, looks like I'll be playing on West myself