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Will You Be Attending PAX West?

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Hello all,

If you haven't already seen the Official News...
PAX West is quickly approaching and MapleStory will be there!

I have a spare badge for Sunday (September 2nd) and thinking of doing a giveaway, based on how many of you live in the Seattle area or have plans to visit over the weekend -- leave a comment here if either applies to you! I'm VERY excited to attend PAX as it's been years since I last went and even more excited to visit Booth#1303!

The following is a preview of the prototype booth design (posted on Twitter):

  1. Will You Be Attending PAX West?21 votes
    1. Yes
       10% (2 votes)
    2. No
       81% (17 votes)
    3. I want to attend but don't have a badge.
       10% (2 votes)