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East Coast Versus West Coast

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I took my laptop to work today thinking I could take a late lunch and reserve my name. However, I found out that despite my personal use laptop, my work still blocked MS2 from loading. This meant I had to wait until after work to try and get my name. When I tried after work I failed to get the name, so I tried West Coast USA and found my name was open and created the character. Living on the East Coast, what are the drawbacks to playing on a West Coast server other than time differences? THX! !


  • IslandXDIslandXD
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    Depends on where you live but, from what I understand from friends:
    If you play from East to connect to West, your latency might be between 100~150.
    If you play on East, your ping may be between 30~60.

    If you are playing for fun and just to hang out, it won't be too much of an issue.
    However, if you want to be semi-hardcore or pvp, you might be a bit frustrated.

    Again mileage may vary on your actual location to the server itself.
  • kinsuyakinsuya
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    If you play on the West coast you'll have considerably higher lag issues.
  • PioPicoPioPico
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    There are cooler people that live on the west coast, so you’ll be surrounded constantly by cool people.
  • RingringRingring
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    kinsuya wrote: »
    If you play on the West coast you'll have considerably higher lag issues.

    Oh? I thought the Nexon server was in Cali. So doesn't that mean its on West Coast?
  • MidbossMidboss
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    The reason for the split was due to lag issues between the East and the West, so you can expect potential lag issues.
  • TheChaosLegendTheChaosLegend
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    If you are East Coast I would expect something more like 200 ping. If lag is a concern I would suggest looking into a pingbooster.
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    I would agree that if you are mainly looking to socialize and be casual you should most likely be fine on the West Coast. However if you were to want to do raids/bossing and not have to deal with lag issues, you would want to play on the proper server. Regardless I'm sure it could be done with higher ping, just not as easy. And as others mentioned, it really does depend on where you live. I personally live in the dead center of the US, so I don't really think it matters which I play on, I'll probably have consistent medium ping on either end.