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New game suggestion?

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So, now that MS2 is shutting down, and with the worldwide lockdown in place, what is everyone busy playing?

I'm looking for a new MMO to play that's not like the 1000+ MMOs out there. Based on updated Youtube videos, WoW, Runescape and Guild Wars 2 still seem to be quite popular these days.


  • IfrianIfrian
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 is about to be released on the West (PC) and is already released on XBOX.

    -It also has an anime look. (And a literal anime you can watch, called Phantasy Star Online 2 : Episode Oracle)
    -Very customizable in looks and fashion.
    -Also action based, although way better than MP2, probably the best action combat out there.
    -Progression is easy and very fair
    -Also free2play.
  • mirta000mirta000
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    GW2 is on the downwards path. WoW had a bad expansion, so the pop is low. I would say, look into FFXIV (is having a good expansion right now), or ESO (where most early GW2 players went so it seems).
  • IllIIlIllIIl
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    I'm going to play Borderlands 3. I was a huge fan of PSO back in the day and out of all multiplayer RPGs the Borderlands games are probably the closest to what someone can reasonably call a "successor".

    I played both PSU and PSO2 and I have to say that PSO2 is more of a PSU sucsessor than anything else. PSO2 has pretty much nothing in common with PSO other than the SiFi setting and some terminology, all gear based special effects have been watered down to the point of them being nothing but useless gimmicks turning the whole gearing process into another round of "just use whatever has the highest DMG numbers at the time and ignore the rest".

    The Borderlands games on the other hand get the main thing I liked about PSO right: the incredibly non linear gear / content progression which makes you want to go farm for different gear setups without forcing you to go for anything specific (this is something the vast majority of all RPGs even to this day constantly fail to accomplish). There are other things I like about these games but that's what I'm going to play after MS2 shuts down.