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[CONTEST INFO] Maple Crossroads

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The friendships we made along the way will last for a long time to come.

Contest ends on April 15th at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time

  • Entrants must take a screenshot of them and another Mapler. UI should be disabled for the screenshot (assign a key to the command to turn off UI).
  • Players must submit the screenshot and a description of the Mapler that they plan to keep in touch with for the long haul.
  • Maplers should decide who they pair up with for this contest, as if someone's entry is selected any additional entries containing them will be disqualified.
  • Please only submit one entry for each pair of Maplers.

50 pairs of Maplers at random will receive the following:
  • 1x Moonlight Saunter Buddy Emote (2-Person Emote)
  • 1x Earth and Sun Harmony (2-Person Mount)
  • 1x Carp Kite (Epic Air Mount)

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  • MomokaaMomokaa
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    Finding my place..

    YukiMomoka and Cosmeum - North America East (NaE) -

    ~~constant contact on discord, plays other games together~~

    Where should a mapler go when you are different? Someone having no place to go, just doing your own thing. I was wondering around simply doing events, getting cute outfits with no real goal. Should I keep pushing though pick up groups? Should i find a home where I felt i fit in? I did not know, I was lost, till one day I randomly did a Hard Madrakan Spire.

    I was in ruins, making mistakes as I tried to hold my small guild together. I could not get across my thoughts properly in a way people understood where I was coning from leading to fights. Kept running though rejection though rejection. I was planning on making one last plan and if that failed, I would be lost forever.

    So I started to talk to this group I was in. Supervillain? isn't this guild notorious for having a huge stigma of toxicity? These maplers I was talking to did not seem to fit such a reputation. Sure there is a bad egg in every bunch but the way things sounded, this guild had an access of it. Sure they admitted a problem child or two by name, but this person Cosmeum stuck out the most. Can i try playing with this person more?

    Some of the guild staff took issue with me not wanting to cut ties with another guild I was in with another character. Even though I was not fitting in that other place in question, I have trouble letting go. I did not know who to chose. Well, later in my adventuring life, that choice was made for me after having an argument with a specific person that was not so nice in my past adventures.

    So here I was, in supervillain, the last place I thought I end up with. It felt unreal, though there was always Cosmeum and others. A place I tend to remain, hopefully we keep our guild discord and play other things together. I met some other people and other groups I like to keep in touch with, but there will always be that one person that shines the most. The person I dyed my orb for, the person I dyed my head ribbon for. (shown in second picture) Our ribbon and orb where made to match the color of the others' main palette. Maybe a sunset event to reflect this is a good name, but I plan on seeing another sunrise with him~~~~
  • fullofkkfullofkk
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    Maple Guide
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    IGNS: fullofkk and KaosActual
    Description: Met through this adorable chibi mmorpg. He was the brains as well as the brawn and I was the pepega ice & lightening wizard. Even though we cannot troll in raids, we still continue to meme games together, including our closest friends that we met along the way! So glad that I could meet this amazing heavy gunner. Also LF> medkit???
  • ScarletKandsScarletKands
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    IGNs: Laez and SgtCarebear
    Server: NA West
    Description: I met them through our guild. When MS2 shuts down, I'm gonna miss my guildmates a lot. Thanks for AFK noodle with me when I had to do homework. Most of my guildmates decide to move to MS1 after the judgement day, and even though I won't join them in MS1, they let me in their new Discord server so we can keep being together. I love y'all.
  • IllyseIllyse
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    Lovely pictures, everyone!
  • IllyseIllyse
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    IGNs: Illyse & Yuzukii
    Server: Europe
    Description: I was thinking long and hard about this one. There are so many people I've met through this game that I would love to feature in this contest (special hi to Mr Ryu, who has been through so many servers and screenshots with me - thank you for putting up with me for so long ><), since I am certain we will remain in contact.

    (looking at you, ex-Apex-turned-Young-Frogs-Kindergarten crew, Genesis buddies and my dear Degen gang). This may be my shameless attempt to say thanks to all of those people, they know who they are! Love ya all.

    But, I probably wouldn't have met any of them if it weren't for this guy right here. Ladies and gents, I present to you - Mr Yuzukii (whom I lovably nicknamed Peach). This is my first ever MMO experience, if not a first proper gaming experience, ever. So you can imagine this wide-eyed, key-mashing, constantly-DCing idiot hopelessly trying to two-man Lubelisk (while that was still a thing to do), just to get those adorable Varrekant wings. To say that I was heavily incompetent would be an understatement. But then, this random guy joins our party finder just to help, and proceeds to very patiently teach me how to Wizard.

    Okay, attempts to teach me. Heavily incompetent, remember? Didn't even know what a macro key is.

    He has been there for all of my platform falls, failed timings and constant disconnects. He showed me a proper build for my class. Taught me all about different stats and which ones I need. Made me practice jump-cast flame wave in the dungeon lobby. And then proceeded to do some 80 Lube runs just to get me those wings. I don't think I would've ever gotten this far if it weren't for him, and for that, I am thankful. Because, not only did he make me a (kind of) competent player, he gave me a chance at experiencing the game in its full beauty, all the while meeting wonderful people and making even more wonderful memories that I will always remember with fondness! I was close to quitting the game before I met him. So thanks, Yuzu, for always sticking with me and never failing to answer my many, many stupid questions, till the very end. I might not be able to pronounce the name of that city of yours, but I hope I will always be able to call you a friend!

    Here is a picture of Yuzu in one of his many cute editions and me trying not to DC while screenshotting, in my "Why is your house so ugly?" home (shoutout to lil' bro - it's prettier now!).

    Thanks, MapleStory2. You were an amazing game.
  • LachrymoseLachrymose
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    IGNs: Lachrymose & NEETyo
    Server: North America West

    My best friend and favorite blue demon!


    Our journey began with a fateful encounter as we were both searching for an Emerald learning party. Most of my friends that I started the game with had quit by that point, and I've never been keen on random learning groups due to playing other MMORPGs, but I didn't want to give up on MS2 or doing the Eye of Lapenta content. As luck would have it, everyone was super chill and it ended up being a lot of fun struggling through the joys of Emerald together. NEETyo was especially kind and easy-going, which I immediately appreciated! A rare find. After that, he asked me if I'd like to continue doing the RGB dungeons together and the rest is history.


    Since then, we've become close friends who have played the game together every day. I am blessed to have met him, as spending time with him has made the game infinitely more fun. Always have someone to help me with my goals (no matter how ridiculous they might be), always have someone to chat and goof around with, always have someone to explore and clear new content with. Countless great memories. The game never would have been the same without him. Someone had to keep that crazy smurf demon in check, too. You're welcome, Maple World.


    Outside of the game, we've become great friends. We frequently chat, play other games and watch stuff together. He is a great friend who I will definitely be keeping in touch with even after Maplestory2 closes (we're playing until the bitter end)! I have been lucky to meet so many great people and even luckier to find my wonderful guild. I am thankful to them all. But NEETyo stands far above them all as my closest friend, who goes beyond the boundaries of the game. I look forward to sharing more of my silly interests with him, as well as fun conversations.

    Thank you Maplestory2, for everything! <3
  • HwayuHwayu
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    IGNs: Churuum & Ranbutan (EU)

    Description: mother told me Chorom is a special person, because as all special people are, Chorom's kind of special and you know it's not everyday you enjoy milk and so when you do pour a glass of milk, you lay back and enjoy it, because enjoying milk is an art that is not appreciated by many, but Chorom appreciates it... and Chorom enjoys it, as all should, but because it's not everyday you enjoy milk, it is nice to once in a while pour up a glass of milk and enjoy it wholeheartedly. That is Chorom. Sorry, I meant Churuum.
  • matchakitkatmatchakitkat
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    IGNs: ChibiUwU and Binance
    Server: NAE
    What started off as me slaving away to sell tris became a mutual slave contract of trading rogs together while watching anime. We were already playing games outside of ms2 whenever we run out of content, so I have no doubt we'll continue to talk and mald in other games as well. I probably became a maple tryhard because of him and not sure if I'm happy about that, but I'm grateful we get to meet each other and I'll make sure we continue to play games, watch anime and random stuff together even after this :)