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Teach me Maplestory 2 Using Maplestory 1

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I got a couple of characters I plan on maining in Maplestory 2. I got myself a thief and an assassin (my assassin is 60 and my thief is weak.) I plan enhancing the gear of my characters so I can train and boss with them. Problem is I am not fluent in Maplestory 2's enhancing system but I am more familiar with Maplestory's terms since I've been playing and following its development for years. Could any players playing BOTH games educate me how these system operate and tell me the system in Maplestory that resembles it the most. I am familiar in Maplestory's systems such as:

*Star Force
*Arcane Force
*Spell Trace
*Potential/Bonus Potential
*Bonus Stat
*Arcane Symbol Enhancement
*Transfer Hammer

Yeah, I am aware the game guides section does exist.


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    I'm sorry to break it to you, but...

    MS2 only inherited the art, character designs, grind and rng-lootcrates of MS1. We exchanged along the way mob-mansloughter for % drops for % drops from timegated boss loot tables, making #altstory a thig.

    As for character and gear progression:

    Star Force is basically MS2 gear's sum power score stat to unlock new content.

    Arcane Force is the additional requirement to get extra accuracity each new expansion in MS2 and in some cases, get certain lapenshards and armour set bonus effects to unlock exlusive raid's like RGB and BSN.

    Spell Trace is MS2 enchanting system:

    Potential/Bonus Potential are gear/pet bonus lines and passive skill's.

    Bonus Stat are Atribute points and gems in MS2.

    Soul's in MS2 could be considered housing trophies granting certain stat buffs.

    Arcane Symbol Enhancement, MS2 lapendshards.

    Transfer Hammer has nothing simmilar in MS2. The closes thing to it would be pet skin's and offhand animation cancel exploit.