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[SALE] Valentine Theme Capsule

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The Valentine Theme Capsule is a special capsule to celebrate the month of romance! Each ticket costs 200 Blue Merets and when used, brings up the capsule machine for you to spin. Special Theme Capsules are not on a regular rotation and periodically appear during major holiday seasons! They feature Legendary costumes and other special cosmetics to commemorate the occasion! Note that only the Full Body Outfit is required to activate the special animation changes associated with a Legendary outfit set.

If you obtain an item that you don't like or an extra of something you've already received, you can dismantle it for 1 Series Coin which you can double-click in your Currency tab to bring you to a shop where you can spend your coins at the associated Series Coins Shop! Double-clicking the coin will always bring you to the specific shop it came from, even after the list of available items from the capsule changes or the sale of a capsule expires.

Check out the full list of items available from the Valentine Theme Capsule, along with their rates on the website!