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[OTHER] Novice Progression Tips

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It’s the year 2020 and you’re looking for something to do, and you come across MapleStory 2. At a glance, the game is cute and whimsical, but overall you have no idea what to do. Or, if you’re a returning player, you have no idea how much has changed since you last played. This guide will jumpstart you in the right direction to get you situated.

While there’s plenty of casual ways to spend your time in MapleStory 2, you’ll find that becoming a more powerful adventure will still be an integral part of your journey. Here are some of the facets of power that will help you grow stronger.

  • Leveling Up: The level cap in MapleStory 2 is 99. During your journey, you’ll level up quickly all the way to 80, where the current story arc of the campaign leaves off. Leveling up offers you 1 to all stats other than HP and between 10-15 HP for every level up. You’ll also earn skill points all the way to level 80. Levels 80-99 are very difficult, and there’s no major reward for leveling beyond 80. It’s a mark of honor that can be worn using the level insignia obtained at level 50 which displays your current level over your head! 
    • Follow the epic quest which will naturally level you up.
    • Music, fishing, and mini-games can also offer EXP as you participate in these activities.
    • Placing furniture in your home will grant you EXP for every item placed, up to a certain maximum each day.
    • Defeating world bosses is the fastest way to gain EXP. Community players like to ‘train’ world bosses by visiting them in a specific sequence each hour to rack up rewards and loot from them. Ask around to see how to go about doing this, and quickly rush to bosses to tag them for rewards since they can go down quickly.
      • Bosses spawn on every channel, so players will often defeat a boss, loot it, then change to the next channel to repeat.
      • At 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00 server time on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, world bosses drop double loot, making these hot hours where players will frequently attend the bosses.
      • You only need to hit a boss once to be eligible for loot and EXP.
    • An alternative activity for leveling up is searching for Golden Treasure Chests littered around the world. Opening these offer a decent amount of EXP. They spawn in the same spots and on every channel.
    • Side quests (indicated by a blue exclamation point) offer little EXP for the time invested but may unlock cosmetic coloring options and trophies for the completionist.
  • Prestige Level: Once you reach level 50, all sources of EXP also give you Prestige EXP. This can be accessed by clicking the yellow EXP bar above your normal one. Between Prestige level 1 to Prestige Level 100, you can earn additional attribute points to make you a little stronger, as well as unlock permanent convenience features for free like Water Riding and Safe Riding with your mount.
  • Job Advancement: Once you reach level 60, you’ll have the option to begin your Job Advancement quest. This can be accessed from a new button on the bottom right of your screen. Completing this quest will grant you access to a slew of new and powerful skills, many of which supercede your Job Rank 1 skills and give you the flexibility to allocate these points into more supportive skills. You can find guidance on good ways to build your character’s skills on our official Discord class channels.
    • Upon reaching level 70, you’ll be able to begin the Kritias epic questline which when advanced far enough, will grant you access to the highly powerful Mastery skills at the end of each Job Rank 2 skill tree.
  • Trophy Skill/Attribute Points: If you open your trophy menu and filter the rewards to only Attribute Points and Skill Points, you can see which trophies will award you with these. Skill points especially can be very useful, and in some cases a trophy can even earn you coveted Job Rank 2 skill points.
  • Better Gear: Equipment is the fundamental cornerstone of getting stronger and more resilient to enemies. Upon reaching level 60 and 70, Navigator rewards will offer you a basic set of equipment and gemstones. These may seem powerful, but they are far from your potential. They serve as a stepping stone to get your foot in the door to tougher dungeons with greater rewards.
    • The common path to take is to level up to 70 via methods above. Then obtain the Navigator gear, and begin your dungeon spelunking journey at the latest content expansion, Kritias.
    • You should complete the questline of Kritias and begin undertaking tasks given to you by the faction leaders Mason, Veliche, and Nairin. Doing their quests will give you what’s needed to buy a set of gloves, helmet, and boots which when enchanted, will be more powerful than the Navigator items and grant you the needed gear score to enter your first high level dungeon.
    • As a newer or returning player, you may not be situated with your class and its playstyle by the time you reach this point, which will make taking on even the first level 70 dungeons a challenge. Be careful of the enemies.
      • You can request assistance by going to the dungeon UI and pressing the Request Help button in the bottom right near the enter buttons. This will shout out to the world for strong adventurers to come assist you. They will be rewarded with a special currency for assisting you. You can no longer use this function after you’ve been assisted for 10 dungeon runs.
    • The first level 70 dungeon you encounter (Arcana Delphion) will grant you top armor and bottoms which like the gloves, helmet, and boots from before are more powerful when enchanted.
    • The second level 70 dungeon you encounter (Aetherine Citadel Strike) will grant you a class weapon that much like the armor, is more powerful than the Navigator weapon when enchanted up.
    • Enchanting items to +10 only require catalysts. You can get catalysts from dismantling gear for fragments, completing up to 30 dungeon runs a week, your weekly Prestige Rank Rewards earned for leveling up your Prestige Level up to 4 times per week, and events. There are some other useful places to get catalysts, such as getting up to 1,500 Crystal Fragments per week from the Sky Fortress faction missions (level 50 quests unlocked via the Karkar Epic quest), not to be confused with the level 70 Kritias faction missions.
      • Upgrading beyond +10 requires copies of armor or weapons, usually from doing additional dungeon runs. You can use Ophelia or Peachy, depending if you want to take a chance or if you want to guarantee the upgrade after a certain amount of resources are used. Both are viable options.
    • Once your gear is high enough, you can participate in Chaos Raids, powerful encounters against fearsome bosses requiring more players to combat. Much like dungeons, you can Request Help for these. These will often reward you with legendary gear, a powerful upgrade from your dungeon gear.
      • The dungeon queue is less frequented than the Party Finder menu located in the community tab in the bottom right. The latter allows players to advertise what kind of group members they are looking for. Players tend to prefer this over random queue.
  • Participate in Events: Every month, MapleStory 2 has new events which ask you to do different activities. You can check these events on the monthly patch notes. Events will often reward you with a tremendous amount of materials or currency to purchase materials, so it’s important that you do them when you can. This can greatly alleviate the burden of lacking important catalysts such as Onyx Crystals, Crystal Fragments, and Colorful Crystals.
  • Gear Attributes: The equipment that you obtain from dungeons and raids will come equipped with Bonus Attribute lines which increase offensive or defensive properties. It’s important for you to figure out which kinds of stats will improve your combat capabilities the best. It’s advised to either find a class guide for this or to ask on the class channel on the official Discord or a dedicated class Discord run by players. Gear Attribute lines make up a substantial amount of the damage dealt by a player and it’s very important not to neglect them.
    • Armors can only have one offensive line while the other line must be a defensive stat.
    • Gloves are the only armor piece that can roll magic or physical piercing, a powerful stat needed to negate the resistances of enemies (not to be confused with normal piercing, the counter stat to defense).
    • Accessories can roll multiple offensive lines unlike armor.
    • You are able to alter the Bonus Attribute lines on equipment by using catalysts. The cost will go up with each subsequent attempt, up to a max cost starting at the 15th try.
    • Alternatively, you can use Re-roller scrolls which will alter the stats without a cost. These can be obtained from numerous different places such as the Dungeon Helper shop for helping rookies, events, and Aetherine Core Supply Shop. Pay attention if the scroll has a level restriction to use on certain types of gear.
      • Lock Scrolls are rare and powerful items which can keep a stat from changing when re-rolling it either manually with your crystals or with a re-roller scroll. The combination of these items allows players to min-max stats since the chances of rolling values are weighted towards the lower end.
  • Lapenshards: Starting from level 60, you’ll gain access to Lapenshards from some NPCs and most dungeons. They can be leveled up to 10 and confer powerful combat bonuses to you. Lapenshards are split into three categories. You can equip up to two of each type. It is important not to neglect them, as they are another major contributor to damage output. Because in numerous cases, you may need a Lapenshard from a specific dungeon or raid, you should focus on completing these instances to regularly obtain copies to level up the Lapenshard. Note that when equipping a level 70 weapon, it will downgrade level 60 Lapenshards only by 2 levels passively.
    • Red Lapenshards act like additional skills. They can make you stronger or summon something to the field to attack enemies. These are not one-time use items and can be used once their cooldown elapses. These require Red Crystals to level up.
    • Blue Lapenshards augment specific skills. They can either make an attack hit harder at regular intervals (subject to cooldowns) or temporarily buff the caster (also subject to cooldowns). They are always tied to specific skills, so pay attention to which ones you decide to level up depending on what skills you plan to use in your build. These require Blue Crystals to level up.
    • Green Lapenshards are passive buffs when equipped. They can increase your damage or make you more resilient. Some Green Lapenshards have trade-offs like attack for defense, or a penalty for dropping under a certain amount of HP. These require Green Crystals to level up.
    • Colorful Crystals needed for upgrading these Lapenshards are most frequently obtained from defeating world bosses or events. You can also get 30 of each color each week from Sky Fortress (level 50) faction shops, similar to Crystal Fragments.
  • Gemstones: These are embedded into sockets in your accessories. The Navigator set by default will grant you a few low level gemstones as well as accessories with a few sockets already open. Generally speaking, you should pick up at least one or two accuracy gemstones and then fill out the rest with your primary stat. If you’re having trouble deciding on what gemstones to use, ask other players of your class and they will help guide you.
    • You can unlock sockets on rings, necklaces, and rings only. Doing so requires two copies at the same amount of sockets. For example, a Ring of the Wayward Soul with two sockets open would require two more of the same ring (stats don’t matter on it) with two sockets each in order to open the third and final socket.
      • It takes three no-socket accessories to create a one-socket accessory.
      • It takes nine no-socket accessories to create a two-socket accessory.
      • It takes 27 no-socket accessories to create a three-socket accessory.
    • Gemstones and gemstone dust is most commonly obtained by completing dungeon runs. Dungeon runs will grant you a small box each time which you can select between a full gemstone or the dust needed to upgrade existing stones.
      • Gemstones are not bound when equipped to you. It is possible to pass them to another character on the account and use the dust that they accrue to upgrade them, then pass them back. This is the fastest way to upgrade gemstones.
      • You can additionally get a good amount of gemstone dust by turning in Stellar Glass to the red treasure chest in the city Tria. This will cost some Meso to do.
      • Events sometimes award gemstones or gemstone dust.
  • Level a Pet: Pets are an integral part of your damage output. While they themselves do not do a whole lot of damage, they provide a substantial amount of stats to the player that passively boost their damage dealt. At level 50, you will unlock a tutorial on catching and raising a pet.
    • Depending on the rarity of the pet, it will have up to 4 Bonus Attribute stat lines, similar to your equipment. These can all be offensive stats.
    • 40% of the Pet Bonus Attack value is passively converted into normal Bonus Attack for the player. Bonus Attack converts into Weapon Attack depending on the rarity of the weapon held by the player as well as their class. This can be a substantial damage increase.
    • Pets level up to 50. You level them up by feeding them other pets or shards/blocks which grant pet EXP. The first 24 times you feed a pet each day, it gets an extra 3,000 pet EXP for each of those and the gains are not diminished. Feeding a pet after that will not have the bonus 3,000 pet EXP and the gain will continuously diminish. This resets on daily reset each day.
    • Those 24 bonus fusions are a use-it-or-lose-it-deal. It's wise to use them up on fodder even if you don't have a great pet to level currently. That way, once you do get a pet that you like, you can transfer the EXP from the fusions via the method below.
    • If you feed a pet to another pet, 80% of the total amount of EXP it has been fed will transfer to the new pet, regardless if you have bonus fusions in the day or not. Depending on the level of the pet, the raw Meso cost will increase to do this though.
    • A common tactic is to take a level 1 pet and level it almost to 2, and repeat infinitely to create 'EXP tanks' to feed to a stronger pet later down the line. This reduces the overall cost while speeding up the leveling process of the pet later down the line.
    • Pets level 60 and under have pet tricks which can buff the player in different ways. The most powerful pet tricks come from the level 60 Eye of Lapenta bosses.
    • Pets with higher level restrictions tend to have higher Pet Bonus Attack values.
    • It is possible to evolve a pet from one rarity to the next. Doing so will reset its level to 1 and give it a new stat line at random while retaining the ones it had previously. Only level 70 pets can evolve from epic to legendary tier though.
      • Due to the fact that it requires many pet duplicates to do this and that it resets the pet level 1 upon evolving, generally speaking players only evolve epic level 70 pets because of the sheer investment