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Heavy Gunner dash change

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Been playing heavy gunner for a while now as my 2nd main alt and loving the class but one thing that bothers me about it compared to every other class in the game is its dash.
The Heavy gunner jump is 4 blocks compared to most classes their 3 blocks, has a long animation slow animation and most of the times more of a annoying ability to use then its actually helpful. You have to use it to sometimes animation cancel out of other abilities that make you stationary to dodge etc. But its just to slow sometimes to even dodge boss attacks or like in hzak if you dodge 1 lazer you dash just as far to land into the other one.
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    Hello Antonio. The dash of the Heavy Gunner class is not up for consideration to be changed. For Hard Zakum, I'd recommend diagonal dashing to cut the dash distance since the battle isn't true 2D.