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Item Exchange System

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if we can get an item exchange system put into the game to exchange weapon skins of one job for another job?
Even if we can only switch it one time before the item gets fully locked would be a lot more helpful than the system we have right now, the weapon skins cost 20 to 25 coins each which is roughly around $60 USD to $75USD just to get the skin unless you get lucky.

The armor sets get gender locked yes, but they can be used account wide as long as the gender of the character is the same and they cost the same amount as the weapon skins in terms of the Sky Fortress sets and they give 5 fashion pieces.

Please greatly lower the cost of the weapon skins to match the 800 merits in the merit shop or let us swap them for different job weapons, even if its locked to doing it only once or two times, it would be so much better than being forced to spend $60USD to $75USD again.

Thank you in advance and I can't wait to read what everyone has to say!


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    Hello, you can anticipate that starting with the new capsule machine system starting in December, the cost of weapon skins will be considerably lower compared to what they are now (think around $25 max with minimum luck on your side).

    Regarding the system you're suggesting, I'm afraid it cannot be accommodated.