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Returning Player Looking For NAW Guild!

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Availability: Still Need A Guild

IGN: Temiku
Class: Knight
Level: 70
Style: Casual

I'm a returning player. Played the game at launch and for a few months thereafter.
Stopped playing early February of 2019 due to IRL issues.

Now I'm back and looking for a place to call home.

I'm a level 70 Knight and still catching up on all the added content and changes.

I'm a music composer & writer IRL. So I tend to play music more often than actually doing stuff in MS2.
(I upload some of my work onto Musical Nexus - Temiku's Profile)

That being said, I'm a casual player. In need of help of not just re-learning the game, but also in catching up with everything else.

I"m comfortable in using voice chat on Discord. Hope to receive an invitation and a warm welcome... Thank you!