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Back-to-School Pack Sale

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Summertime's over and it's about time students hit the books with the new Back-to-School Pack!

Back-to-School Pack

Achieve maximum academic productivity with these classroom-inspired items, including the Colorful Class Name Tag and Chat Bubble, and the mystical Mysterious Magic Book air mount!


Sale Duration:
  • UTC: 3:30 PM Wednesday, October 2nd - 3:30 PM Wednesday, October 16th
  • PDT (UTC -7): 8:30 AM Wednesday, October 2nd - 8:30 AM Wednesday, October 16th
  • EDT (UTC -4): 11:30 AM Wednesday, October 2nd - 11:30 AM Wednesday, October 16th
  • BRT (UTC -3): 12:30 PM Wednesday, October 2nd - 12:30 PM Wednesday, October 16th
  • CEST (UTC +2): 5:30 PM Wednesday, October 2nd - 5:30 PM Wednesday, October 16th
  • AEST/AEDT (UTC +10/+11): 1:30 AM Thursday, October 3rd - 2:30 AM Thursday, October 17th

Sale Details:
  • Price: 1,800 Merets
  • Contents:
    • Mysterious Magic Book epic air mount (propels a maximum of 7m per second, ascending 0.5m per second to a maximum of 4m)
    • Colorful Classroom Name Tag
    • Colorful Classroom Chat Bubble
  • Can be purchased once per account
  • Some items can also be individually purchased in the Meret Market:
    • Mysterious Magic Book 1,790 Merets
    • Colorful Classroom Name Tag: 150 Merets
    • Colorful Classroom Chat Bubble: 150 Merets