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In light of the September 19th update, with the return of Red Arena, Red Conqueror Bounty, and House PVP update;

I wanted to create something for beginners to get their foot in the door with PVP.

I present to you all; my PVP Survival Guide.

I’d like to give thanks to everyone in NA West that helped me along the way!

Popular, Blazn, Minscherzo, Padanda, Lenyan, Lovel, vee, Akumanism, Betray, Kitsu, Maveck, Funyon, Ralts, Disco, CupofSoup, Zakum, JunwooWorld, Miguel, Kariaine and GM Luceline!

Most importantly I’d like to thank my fiancé for her skill in video editing and putting hours & hours into my project.

If you have any questions about the more in depth quirks of PVP, or would like some advice on class specific builds and strats, join the PVP Community discord!