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[gameplay] Azure Flux Skill Break

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The patch notes included a fix on Azure Flux "Skill Break within 6 sec." But after playing today, it seems that this mechanic is even worse than before. My party was not able to activate it a single time.

Additionally, the main solution to the problem seems to have been to increase Landevian's invincibility window. However, this also makes achieving an S+ on Azure Flux almost impossible based on time. The length of the scripted dialog/invincibility windows alone essentially pushes the time past S+ requirement.

Before the patch, the vast majority of parties still activated the skill break requirement without major issues, even if the bug popped up occasionally. So it'd be better if this was just reverted to how it was before the patch unless there's a real fix.
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    Known issue, and his intangible invincibility frames are not intended.